Welcome to Fun and Adventure at Sky Views Dubai

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Sky Views Dubai, also referred to as “Sky Views Observatory,”  is a new tourist attraction recently added in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Located in the centre of Dubai, this distinctive panoramic platform gives visitors an extraordinary viewing experience of the city’s dazzling skyline and renowned landmarks from lofty heights.

So, there is no better time to see this one-of-a-kind attraction during your visit to Dubai tourist places

Navigation And Design 

Sky Views is situated in Burj Khalifa, which holds the record for being the tallest building globally. This makes Sky Views a top destination for people who want to experience incredible panoramic views of the city from the highest viewpoint possible. Additionally, the platform is created to provide an absorbing and exciting experience, where guests can stand on see-through glass flooring that enables a direct sight of the ground right below their feet, bringing a feeling of adventure to the experience.

Some of the Main Attractions Include:

The Panoramic Platform:

Visitors can take in spectacular 360-degree views of Dubai, including sights like Burj Khalifa, the Dubai Fountain boardwalk, and the Arabian Gulf, through glass floors and see-through walls for an immersive viewing experience. 

The Glass Slide:

A thrilling adventure where guests can slide from high up between 2 floors on a glass slide, getting an adrenaline rush and taking in stunning views during the descent. 

The Outdoor Walk:

Moreover, one of the most exciting activities where people can stroll on an external bridge going around the building, getting the chance to see the city from a different angle and feeling like they’re flying over it.

Virtual Reality Experiences:

Guests can also enjoy simulated adventures with virtual reality, offering a unique way to see the city through innovative tech.

Café and Restaurant:

In addition to activities, visitors can dine at the on-site cafe or restaurant while continuing to soak in the incredible city views. Apart from the same, you can go for many other restaurants. Here is a list of the top 12 Indian restaurants in Dubai.   

Events and Exhibitions:

Finally, Sky Views Dubai regularly hosts various events and exhibits that enhance the visitor experience, showcasing Dubai’s culture and art alongside entertainment.

These attractions make Sky Views Dubai a must-visit destination for thrilling and innovative experiences. Additionally, get the chance to see some of the most stunning natural and human-made views of Dubai.

Operating Hours 

Sky Views Dubai aims to deliver a pleasant and memorable visit for guests. It is open seven days a week during particular hours. Also, it allows people to take advantage of its one-of-a-kind offerings and stunning scenery. 


The standard operating hours run from 10:00 in the morning until 10:00 at night. However, these hours can shift during special times of the year or holidays. So before heading over, it’s best to verify the most up-to-date timings on the official website or by Travel Saga agent.

Attractions Which  Are Near Sky Views Dubai?

Sky Views Dubai is located in Downtown Dubai, so other exciting attractions are abundant nearby. 

How do I get to Sky Views Dubai?

By car: Sky Views Dubai can be easily reached by car. If you’re driving on Sheikh Zayed Road (E11), take exit 51 or 51B to get to Burj Khalifa/Downtown Dubai. Get on Financial Center Road and follow the signs to find Sky Views Dubai on your left.  

By public transport: Take the red line of the Dubai Metro to Burj Khalifa/Dubai Mall station. After getting off the train, the Address Sky View Hotel is about a 10-minute walk away. For buses, Dubai Mall is the closest stop. Check the Roads & Transport Authority website for more bus details.

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