Why Should You Include a Dubai Desert Safari in Your Bucket List?

When you plan a tour to the City of Gold, you may dream of exploring the sky-high buildings, unlimited shopping, feeling the warmth of luxury, glitzy nightlife, and modern and ancient architectural wonders, but Dubai is not all about glitz and glamour. The best thing about Dubai is that you can perceive both the modern world and, at the same time, the vintage world. If you are looking for a visit to Dubai, you should dream of exploring this authentic side of Dubai too.

Emirates has always taken care to keep up with the modern world but has never forgotten to reflect its authenticity. By this side of the Emirates, it promises you intrigue, fun, and adventure by taking you through sandy landscapes like the Al Awir Desert and the old Arabian way of life. Although Dubai has a lot of tourist attractions, if you miss a Desert safari, you’re going to miss the true essence of Arabian culture.

landscape of the desert is unlike anything you have ever seen

The golden-blank, sandy landscape of the Dubai desert safari is ideal for indulging your artistry. The combination of the warmth of golden sand, dazzling sunset view, and the barren wind flowing through your hair brings you to a different dimension you have never been to. You don’t need to be a pro at your photography skills to embrace this glamorous sight into your camera lens: golden sun rays reflecting on the sand create a red hue akin to carnelian gem mine and you don’t need to add filters. At night, the desert creates a totally different atmosphere; the cloudless sky lets you enjoy a cluster of stars that looks like a glittering black canvas.

Spice up your safari with adventure and thrilling

The sandy, playground-like surface lets you do many fun and thrilling activities in the Dubai desert. The titillation that you are getting when you dune bashing by a 4x4land cruiser jeep cannot be compared to any other feeling. You are definitely going to be amazed by how you are keeping the balance of the jeep. In addition to that, you can also enjoy fun-filled activities like Red dune desert safari, according to your preference. Sandboarding is also a super fun and cool activity where you can glide through sandy slopes sitting on a board. What’s the meaning of your trip? If you have come to the Middle East and have not experienced an authentic camel ride in Dubai, you can make nice experience and grab bring-back social media-worthy photographs.

Ladies, it’s your time to get a reward at a safari camp

Ladies, you can decorate your palms with traditional henna paintings. So, you can try free henna tattoos on your palms and look like a gorgeous Emirati girl.

Enjoy a taste of heaven with an unlimited BBQ dinner buffet

But in the camp, you can freshen up with unlimited free refreshments like water, soft drinks, and cold drinks. In Arabic culture, they give much priority to meat and spice when it comes to food. You can enjoy a hot BBQ dinner buffet with many options. If you are vegetarian, you might think that you won’t be able to eat while on safari. No there are a variety of vegetarian options also available exclusively for vegetarians. If you are a shisha lover, don’t forget to add that experience to your safari menu under different flavours.

You had a thrill, you ate and it’s time to have some entertainment

Emiratis are rich in their ancient and Arabic culture. Along with the nightfall, you can witness glamorous, sparkling, and dramatic entertainment acts.


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