Lavish and Luxurious: Al Maha Resort

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In the golden dunes of the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve, is a luxurious and peaceful oasis where modern luxury blends with the ancient Bedouin way of life. Moreover, it is the best way to experience Arabian hospitality. So, welcome to Al Maha, a Desert Resort & Spa by the Luxury Collection, where each day is a magnificent journey just waiting to be discovered. 

Suites with a View

Imagine getting carried away on the dunes of the desert to another realm. This is indeed how you will feel when you visit Al Maha. Consequently, the resort offers 42 suites, including Bedouin, Royal, Emirates, and Presidential Suites. Subsequently, all suites are decorated with traditional and rare handcrafted Arabian furnishings, antiques, and artefacts. So, enjoy an art exhibition right in your room.

In addition to explore Al Maha luxury must try dune buggy ride or dune bashing into the desert and explore desert’s serene oasis. 

Al Maha Experiences

You’re wrong if you only expect a luxury experience Conservation Drive And Breakfast At Al Maha Resort , It has has so much in store for you! 

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Discover the excitement of falconry, a customary Arabic art form. Engage with the nation’s rich cultural legacy and experience the breathtaking beauty and force of nature firsthand. Experience this thrilling activity under the skilled leadership of these majestic prey birds as they soar through the skies, displaying their incredible agility and dexterity.


Discover the age-old sport of archery, which is highly valued in Bedouin and Middle Eastern culture. Learn about the background and methods of archery from experts, and test your shooting abilities with authentic bow and arrow equipment.

Wildlife Drive: 

Take a wildlife drive across the desert terrain to explore the wide variety of native plants and animals that live here. The desert is full of life, from the stately Arabian Oryx to the elegant gazelles. 

Dining Adventures At Al Diwan

Al Diwan dedicatedly gives visitors an exceptional culinary experience. With the breathtaking background of the desert dunes, their trademark restaurant, Al Diwaan, serves a delectable combination of Mediterranean and Arabic cuisine. Furthermore, visitors can savour delectable cocktails and beverages at Hajar Terrace Bar in addition to Al Diwaan, all while admiring the Reserve’s spectacular vistas. To enjoy the ultimate desert experience, try booking the Platinum Desert Safari excursion.

Relax and Rewind

From relaxing activities to lifetime experiences, it is evident that everyone has a memorable, personal and safe stay. Here are some activities to indulge in to relax and rewind.

Swimming Pool: 

Enjoy a revitalising swim in the infinity pool while taking in the expansive views of the gold sand dunes. The Pool Package offers timeless spa services, entry to the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve, and full-day use of the main infinity pool. A lavish 3-course à la carte meal with soft drinks, water, coffee, and tea is also available to guests.

Timeless Spa:  

Get head-to-toe treatment in the most private setting amidst the sand dunes. In addition to having all the benefits of the Pool Package, the Spa Indulgence Package includes a therapeutic massage lasting 60 minutes. 

Nature Walk: 

Take a nature walk with a knowledgeable guide to learn about the native plants and animals of the United Arab Emirates. Also, explore the distinctive inhabitants, intriguing geological structures, and rich cultural legacy of the desert.

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Al Maha Resort, located in the centre of the Arabian Desert, entices visitors looking for a remarkable getaway. A stay at Al Maha will give you lifelong memories, whether you love its unparalleled opulence, immersive desert activities, or dedication to conservation. Give in to the desert’s fascination and set out on a unique voyage of exploration. All you have to do to experience all these is to connect with Travel Saga Tourism and book the tour.