A Good Day With The Gyrocopter Ride

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Have you ever heard of a Gyrocopter? It not only sounds like a helicopter but also flies like a helicopter. Unlike helicopters, it is open and only for 2 passengers. If you are planning a trip to Dubai for your next holidays, you’re thinking in the right direction. Dubai offers everything for everyone. People of all ages can enjoy a wide range of activities in Dubai. Be it a thrill seeker, an art lover, or a person seeking rejuvenation and peace, Dubai got them all covered. One can choose a quad bike and ride off the roads in Dubai’s desert sands or relax at a dinner cruise at Dubai Marina. Gyrocopter is a lesser known experience for most of the tourists visiting Dubai, but once you experience it, there’s no looking back. So, if you are up for something unique in Dubai, book a Gyrocopter ride with Travel Saga Tourism.

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What is a Gyrocopter?

Still in doubt? Let us learn more about the Gyrocopter before considering a ride on it. Gyrocopter Flight is often called an autogyros or a gyroplane. It is a lightweight aircraft that resembles the structure of a motorcycle. So, you can consider yourself riding a motorcycle but in the sky. Gyrocopters have rotating vertical blades and an overhead rotor. It relies on forward motion for the lift and is a safe, unique and efficient mode of aerial transport.

A Unique Aerial Adventure

Imagining a helicopter flight is easy, but Gyrocopters are different. All you can feel and hear from the top on a Gyrocopter ride is wind. The wind brushing your hair while you feel the freedom of riding a motorbike is altogether a unique experience. Thus, when in Dubai, one must try this activity to satisfy their thrill cravings. Besides, as far as the eyes can see, there will be spectacular views of Dubai. See the Palm Jumeirah, Atlantis the Palm, Burj Al Arab and the iconic Dubai skyline from a bird’s eye view. The pictures of your Gyrocopter ride are surely going to steal the show on social media, inspiring others to experience this unique aircraft ride soon. 

Views and Vistas

From the very beginning of your Gyrocopter ride, you’ll experience views of Dubai like never before. All the iconic landmarks of Dubai will be visible from your flying motorbike and you’ll be having the time of your life. The cherry on top is you can also see the world islands of Dubai floating in the Arabian Gulf below you. Take in a full view to remind yourself of your time in Dubai. Also, don’t forget to click pictures of your adventure. 

Safety First

If you are wondering about the safety measures, rest assured that you will be 100% safe on a gyrocopter ride. The pilots here are skilled and certified, making sure you can enjoy your experience without worrying about safety. You will go through a safety briefing before the ride and proper safety gear will be provided. The pilots are highly professional and expert at their job, so safety should be the least of your concerns. 


In the royal province of Dubai, be pampered like a prince/ princess. Take a Gyrocopter ride and experience the unique aerial adventure in Dubai. From thrill to views and then memories, this ride will stay with you forever. You can also try the traditional helicopter tour in Dubai, or opt for a Hot Air Balloon in Dubai if that is on your bucket list. However, for some innovative and novel experience, the Gyrocopter ride is certainly a must try adventure. Book your experience with Travel Saga Tourism and never miss out on anything in Dubai. To explore attractions and activities in Dubai, connect with a Travel Saga expert and get all the details.