Best Places to Visit in Al Ain

This place is an oasis in the desert country of the United Arab Emirates. Also known as Garden City, Al Ain is a paragon of beauty – filled as it is with mountains, trees, springs, and palm groves.

Al Ain is a historic location, dating back several thousands of years. Signs of ancient dwellings abound here. Hence, besides being a visually beautiful place, Al Ain is also rich in history & archaeology. A living example of ancient Arab culture & heritage, Al Ain is a hugely popular weekend destination with tourists & locals alike.

List of 12 Best Places to Visit in Al Ain

So you might be wondering – how to make the maximum of your Al Ain visit? What are the must-visit places there? How to spend your time in a worthwhile manner while you are there with your friends/family? Well – don’t worry. We are here to guide you on the 12 best places to visit in Al Ain. You can go for an Al Ain City Tour with us.

1. Al Jahili Fort

Established way back in 1891, the Al Jahili Fort served as the residence of the erstwhile ruler, Sheikh Zayed. It also played an important role as a critical defence establishment for the desert kingdom. Soldiers used to keep a watch from the towers, thus protecting the town from invaders. There are several exhibits inside that depict the days of the British adventurers who explored & documented the deserts.

2. Jebel Hafeet

Standing tall with its head in the sky, the majestic Hafeet Mountain towers over the Al Ain landscape. With a height of almost 1250 meters, Jebel Hafeet is the UAE’s 2nd-highest peak. As you drive up the mountain, you will get many photo opportunities. And when you are at the top, you will be rewarded with the most spectacular views of the adjoining lands that stretch into the endless horizon. Refresh yourself with cups of steaming tea/coffee as you admire the hypnotic scenery all around. Make a booking if you wish to visit Jebel Hafeet with us.

3. Al Ain Zoo

Opened in 1969, the Al Ain Zoo is one of the major attractions here. Being one of the largest of its kind in the country, the zoo is home to a wide variety of animals like the endangered Oryx, Arabian antelope, giraffes, gazelles, lions, tigers, leopards, jaguars, and pumas. The reptile house & aviary sections are also richly endowed with diverse fauna. Besides being a tourist attraction, the zoo also serves as an important center for breeding & research on these endangered fauna.

Take a camel ride to explore the zoo, feed the giraffes, and let the kids have fun in the children’s garden. Learn some exciting facts about conservation & biodiversity and leave the zoo with lots of happy memories.

4. Al Ain National Museum

Located within the precincts of the Sultan Bin Zayed Fort, the Al Ain National Museum is a treasure trove of displays that comprehensively encapsulate the emirate’s culture, tradition, and rich history. Heritage preservation is the key objective of the museum. The ethnographic section will teach you a thing or two about the daily life of the local people down the ages as you get to know about their traditional attire, food habits, jewelry, and community get-togethers in the Majlis. Coins & artifacts dating back to the Iron & Bronze Ages are also to be seen here.

5. Cycling Among the Date Palms

The Al Ain Oasis is a large plot of land filled with date palm plantations and all this in the heart of the city. This natural diversion is highly refreshing for the body & mind as you would relax in the unbeatable tranquility of the place. Over 150,000 date palm trees here are sustained by the millennia-old traditional Arabian falaj system of irrigation. Take a cycle on rent at the main gate and gently ride on to explore the quiet beauty of the oasis.

6. Al Ain Adventure Park

This water park boasts the largest artificial surfing wave in the world – almost 10 feet high! Go for white water rafting, kayaking, and surfing at the park to have a pulsating time. The Air Park here is another draw for adrenaline junkies as here you’d get the opportunity to indulge in ziplining, wakeboarding, balance beams, and wall climbing. For the more sedate-minded, there’s a family pool here where you can simply laze around. Similarly, you can also visit other adventures in UAE like waterparks in Dubai and theme parks in Abu Dhabi.

7. Visit to the Camel Market

It’s among the most unique spots in Al Ain. Witness the heritage camel market in all its traditional glory. You would be part of a culture that has stood the test of time. People from near & far come to buy & sell camels here as it’s the last market of its kind in the country. Observe the “ships of the desert” as haggling & bargaining goes on among the owners & prospective buyers.

8. Camel Racing

From camel trading to camel racing welcome to one of the oldest traditions of the country that has remained virtually unchanged over time. 10 km of racing track provides the best spot for this activity. Witness the animals – among the finest breeds of their kind – indulge in a thrilling race as the spectators clap & cheer! You are being a part of age-old Emirati culture here. Moreover, it is also recommended to go camel riding in Dubai.

9. Qasr al Muwaiji

Built during the early 20th century, this building also served as a residence of the ruler Sheikh Zayed & his family for 2 decades from 1946. Constructed out of mud & brick, the fort is a perfect example of traditional Emirati fortification architecture. There is a small museum here that showcases the fort’s history and the lives led by the ruling Al Nahyan family.

10. Hill Archaeological Park

A treasure house for archaeology & history enthusiasts, the Hill Archaeological Park boasts a large number of exhibits that date back to the Iron & Bronze Ages. Labeled as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the main attractions in the park are the circular Umm Al Nar period tombs with a dome on the top.

11. Mubazzarah Park

On the downward slopes of Jebel Mountain is located the scenic Mubazzarah Park. Beautifully adorned with alternating greenery & rocky landscape, this natural oasis becomes spectacularly beautiful in the rays of the setting sun. The hot springs here allow for opportunities to bathe & get rid of body aches and exhaustion.

12. Hili Fun City

Last but not least, the Hili Fun City is the perfect place for the little ones in the group to frolic around. The carousels & dodgem cars have a wonderful retro look and feel about them in contrast to the flashier rides in the parks. Other timeless rides like the rollercoaster & sky-flyer are sure to catch the fancy of the children. There are many theme parks in Dubai as well that you can visit for adventures.


So, after reading about all the amazing interesting places and things to do in Al Ain, you might be eager to visit the oasis. Thus, you must contact Travel Saga Tourism to book your tours. You can also go on a 6 Emirates Tour with us and visit stunning places in the UAE. Visit our website for more tour-related information.


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