Al Hayl Castle

Among the different cities within the Emirates, Fujairah is the smallest one with a rich place for activities and attractions to glance by. Fujairah is known for the ancient structures and architecture present in the city. The city has its own beaches, conservational reserves, heritage sites, and more. Individuals wanting to spend some cherished moments with their loved ones can visit the Fujairah here in the UAE.

When it comes to historical monuments, one such place in Fujairah reflects the ancient architecture of the early rulers in the Emirates. Moreover, visitors can also go on a 6 Emirates Tour to have a cultural experience. The Al Hayl Castle is the perfect example that is located in the Wadi Al Hayl region by the majestic Hajar mountains. Let us check a few things to explore with the proper timings to visit the Al Hayl Castle here in Fujairah.

History of Al Hayl Castle

The Al Hayl Castle was built around the late 1830s and during that time it served as a residential block for the rulers. The castle is built out of mud, and bricks along with plaster that are firmly supported to create the massive structure. The Al Hayl Castle comprises the Al Hayl Fort and a strongly guarded residential area for staying purposes. Nowadays, this heritage site is under the management of the Department of Heritage and Antiquities.

Things to explore at Al Hayl Palace

The Al Hayl Palace is popular for its interior designs. The rooms inside consisted of Majlis (a meeting room), bedrooms, storage locations, and a traditional kitchen with mud-casted ovens. The place mainly depicts the way of living of the ancestral Arabians with their tools on display at the castle premises.

The meeting room or Majlis is a great point of interest that individuals can check out within the palace. The intricate designs and architecture are a view to behold. In ancient times, it was adorned with bright lamps and exquisite carpets all around. Visitors can also check the other majlis found in the compound that served as a place for visitors visiting the castle.

Tourists can also check the Al Hayl Fort adjacent to the residential place which has short steps reaching out to the top of the tower. The Al Hayl Fort is atop the Hajar Mountains. It provides a distinct view of adjoining flora and fauna with the palm trees around. Visitors can also view the Al Hayl village in the distance and enjoy the ecstasies of nature from the Al Hayl Fort here.

Best time to Visit

The best time to visit the Al Hayl Palace is from October to May. So, it is best to avoid the summer months here in UAE for the dry and sultry climate outdoors. After visiting the Fort, you can also visit Snoopy Island in Fujairah.

Timing & Entry Fee

Entry is free at this place. The site is open for visitors from Saturdays to Thursdays between 8 AM and 6 PM. However, on Fridays, the place is open between 2 PM and 8 PM for visitation purposes.

How to reach the Al Hayl Fujairah Castle

The Al Hayl Fujairah Castle is located in the Wadi Al Hayl region. So, you can reach Al Hayl Castle via Dubai or Abu Dhabi by our transportation services traversing along the Maliha-Fujairah highway (E84). It is best to rent a car and take a four-wheel drive because the roads to the place are rough for travellers. Check for the exit signs of the Al Hayl Fujairah and ride over to the Fujairah Police Training Institute. Move straight and you will reach the Al Hayl Castle in the southwest of the city.

Bottom Line

These are a few important things to do while visiting the Al Hayl Castle. Individuals can also travel from any part of the country and reach the historical site without any hassle. So, check out your itinerary and tick out the place for a surreal experience within the Al Hayl Palace premises. Connect with Travel Saga to book your Fujairah East Coast Tour.