Sharjah Fort (Al Hisn)

Sharjah Fort

UAE has been a major place of attraction for tourists and people flock from different cities here to experience the luxury and lifestyle of the location. There are immersive rides and tours available for visitors to glance at the ecstatic country of the UAE. Among the few locations that are famed for tourist visits, The Sharjah Fort based in the city of Sharjah is an important heritage site.

The site offers a vast range of evidence related to the medieval Arabian people. There are instruments, potteries, ancient ruins, and even traditional tools of the early Arab people. A few of the distinct things to do with essential facts and visit timings at The Sharjah Fort are below for the readers to check.

Introduction and History

The Sharjah Fort is also known as Al Hisn. It was a line of defence in the city by the early monarch Sheikh Sultan bin Saqr Al Qasimi in the year 1823. The fort is in the centre of Sharjah which was formerly known as Bank Street. The fort saw its ups and downs and around 1970 the fort suffered its first demolition by the ruler Sheikh Khalid bin Mohammed Al Qasimi. Khalid’s brother tried a great deal to suppress the demolition process but when he visited Sharjah from Cairo, the whole fort was turned into ruins except a single tower. The restoration of the forts in 1996 was completed after a year. Thus, the fort now resembles its previous form with information regarding the history and the former residents of the place. So, while you Al Rafisha Dam and Snoopy Island, you must also visit this fort.

Things to do at the Sharjah Fort

The rich history of the fort attracts lots of visitors every year. So, let’s explore the things you can do at the Sharjah Fort while you’re on a Sharjah private city tour.

Know the rich history of the country

Individuals can check the various details regarding the country’s rich history and heritage while visiting this place. The history has different sections that propose the various lifestyles of the inhabitants. Visitors can check the past, present, and even future techniques of the Arab people for constructing a beautiful place in the Middle East.

Check out the Armory

Visitors and tourists can check in the armoury section that houses various weapons and arsenals like shields, daggers, swords, war helmets, chest plates, arm plates, and more.

Check for the ancient ruins and artefacts

Visitors trying to visit the Sharjah Fort can check the various ruins and artefacts found in the exhibits here. There are ornaments, jewellery, tools and utensils, grand furniture, and traditional items stored around the place for the visitors to check.

Entry Fee & Timings to visit Sharjah Fort

The Al Hisn Fort or Sharjah Fort is open to visitors from Sundays to Fridays between 8 A.M. to 8 P.M. while the visit timings for Friday are between 4 P.M. to 8 P.M. The entry fee for both adults and kids with the costs being 10 AED and 5 AED respectively.

How to reach Sharjah Fort

You can reach Sharjah Fort from the various parts of the country using the best transport systems around. Individuals can avail of public bus lines, rent a car, or other take transportation services from Dubai. Moreover, the regular public buses that ply the Sharjah Fort are Line 102 and Line 103.

Final Words

The above points depict the various things to conclude while visiting the Al Hisn Fort in Sharjah. The place has lush scenery with beautiful backdrops and is a must-visit place for tourists around the globe. Additionally, prison cells, Antiquities, and ancient ruins are available to glimpse at while learning about the rich culture of the Emirati people. Thus, transport systems are abundant in the place marking it a hub for vacation packers from all over the earth.