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Snoopy Island Fujairah | Snoopy Island Tour | Snoopy Rock

If you plan to visit Fujairah, then you must visit Snoopy Island. Why is it named so? Because the shape of the island looks like a popular cartoon character by the same name. Moreover, this place is a popular tourist destination and is visited by newlyweds and professional divers. Are you excited to know more about this fabulous place? If yes, keep reading as we reveal some interesting facts about Snoopy Island.

Time9 AM
Tour TypePrivate
LocationSandy Beach Resort, Fujairah
HighlightsKayaking from Beach to island & other water sports ( On extra charges)
Things to doPicnic at the Beach and explore the Beach with crystal clear water surrounding the island

  • Private Transportation to sandy beach Fujairah
  • Explore the Snoopy Island with kayaking and other water activities (On extra charges)

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Overview of Snoopy Island Fujairah

This island is 2 hours away from Dubai in the city of Al Aqah, Fujairah. Thus, you can drive to this island. This is located on Fujairah’s coast. The island has a rocky terrain and is surrounded by clear blue waters, which make it look magical. The coral reef on this island is very attractive. So, if you love beaches and you love to participate in diving then this is the beach for you.

What To Expect At The Beach Of Snoopy Island Fujairah

Here is a list of activities that you can enjoy at this beach with your friends and family. Have a look.

Scuba Diving

This island is one of those few places in the UAE that allow scuba diving. This location has been dubbed the “ideal location for scuba diving”. If you are new to this activity then you could hire a professional to teach you the rope. They hold training sessions twice a day and you could sign up for them if you want to scuba dive.

Water Sports

Do you love water sports? Great, then make your way to the Sandy Resort and participate in a host of water sports. You can choose activities such as banana boat rides, fly fishing, and bingo rides. This place guarantees you hours of fun and frolic. It will be a day to remember.

Paddle Boarding Or Kayaking

Want to indulge in some adventure? Then go kayaking around the island. You can rent out kayaks and paddle boats at the beach. You will be accompanied by trained professionals who will also guide you on certain safety measures. 


Snorkelling is one activity that you will enjoy on this island. You get to see different types of fish while swimming underwater. You do not have to bring your gear, instead, you can hire them at this beach for a nominal fee.

Other Fun Things To Do Here:

Other than the above mentioned water sports and activities, families can also enjoy a calm relaxing day at this beach. Here's a list of things you can do with your family and friends to make the day memorable.

Organise A Picnic And Watch The Sunset

This island has a big beach that is not too crowded so you can pick a spot and have a picnic with your friends and family. You can also sip on your favourite drink and watch the sunset, do not forget to l out your camera and take a few pictures. Apart From this if you would like to watch your sunset at some other place you can go for the shared yacht tour during sunset hours 

Visit Snoopy Lounge For Some Shisha

Once you are done with the water sports and swimming, make your way to Snoopy Lounge. This place is known to serve the best shisha. The lounge is very nice and cosy and the service here is very warm and prompt.

Drinks And Dinner At Beach Bar

Head to the Beach Bar for some delicious food and drinks. This beach bar is very lively and the decor is very cheerful, it has a design that makes you feel good instantly. So, grab your favourite drinks and enjoy delicious savouries here. Perfect food and drinks can easily make your mood and day amazing.

Beach Camping

A Good Way to enjoy  Snoopy Island is to camp on the beach. There is a separate camping site on this island. So, pack your bags and get ready to experience a one of a kind experience in Fujairah with your loved ones. Perhaps, a solo trip is also equally worth it.


Q. Is fishing allowed on this island?

The island is home to many rare fish species; so fishing is a big no-no here.

Q. Can you go for a fishing tour in Dubai?

Yes, one can go for a fishing tour in Dubai at some places.

Q. What marine life can you see at Snoopy Island?

You can see many different marine animals on this island such as green turtles, reef sharks, and many varieties of fish.

Q. What are the rules to follow?

  • Tourists must not litter on the beach.
  • You should not wear swimwear outside the designated area.
  • You may have to pay extra for certain activities

So, this is all the information you need on Snoopy Island. This is a wonderful place to visit, enjoy, and simultaneously, create memories. So, do not feel surprised if you end up visiting multiple times, it is popular for having a seductive charm on people.


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