Al Bithnah Fort

Are you up for a historical tour? Well, then you must make your way to Al Bithnah fort in Fujairah. Major portions of the fort still hold up well and attract a huge number of tourists every year. Who could blame them for visiting, the fort is very beautiful and has a royal charm. Let us learn more about this architectural wonder.

History of Al Bithnah Fort

This place is most famous for its tribal battle held in the year 1735. Back then the fort had minimal fortification so the local people living there were not protected well enough the fort had many watchtowers. In the year 1884 Sheik Abdullah resumed charge over the fort. Today, it has become a tourist attraction for those who wish to get a glimpse of the rich history.

The historian Ibn Ruzaiq claims that in 1745, a major fight took place in Bithnah between the Omani Imam and governor of Sohar, Ahmed bin Said, and members of the Qawasim (Al Qasimi) and Na’im cohorts. The Qawasim and the Na’im of Buraimi engaged in combat as they sought to cross the Wadi Ham in order to seize control of the east coast and its valuable port of Sohar. The protracted conflict between the Saidi Omanis and the Qawasim of Ras Al Khaimah and Sharjah, as well as other cohorts from the interior and west coast, was to usher in a new chapter in the region’s history.


This fort is located 13.5 kilometres from the main Fujairah. The fort was built cleverly so that people could get a good view of the entire surrounding area from the fort. Also, if you want to have an all-Emirati experience, consider going on a 6 Emirates tour.

The Design 

The fort underwent extensive repair work in the year 2012. The fort still retains its Arabian architecture; it resembles Al Hayl Castle in Fujairah. This fort has a room for the guards and 2 towers. The building was made from boulders, date palms, and bricks. The doors of the fort are very grand. There are beautiful carvings that will take your breath away.

The upper levels of the fort have spacious terraces that served as guarding points for soldiers back in the day. The fort also has a fountain that brings water from a wadi nearby.

How to Reach Al Bithnah?

The fastest way to get to this fort is by private vehicle or rental car. You can also book a guided tour if you want. If you are driving then you need to take the E89 highway, which will take you to this fort.

Best Time To Visit

If you do not want to face the wrath of the summer months, then you should visit between September to March as the temperatures are pleasant.

Entry Fee

You can enter this fort without paying any entry fee. However, it would be only polite to pay the fort’s caretaker a generous tip.

Other places to visit in Fujairah

There are many other places which you can visit during your Fujairah East Coast Tour. Some of the most popular ones are Fujairah Mall, the museum and Fujairah Fort. Moreover, if you want to spend your day relaxing on a beach, you may visit the famous Umbrella Beach. Furthermore, located on the border of Sharjah and Fujairah is Kalba Corniche Park. It’s a beautiful spot to spend time away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Visitors will love the ambience and stunning views of the Arabian Gulf. 


So, by now you have realised that this place is a gem and a must visit if you’re in Fujairah. If you want to stay in the area overnight, you will have access to nice hotels. Finalise a date and head out for a lovely time. Additionally, did you know, you can contact Travel Saga to travel from one Emirate to another? We provide the best transportation services in the UAE. We do our best to make every trip of yours memorable.