Hatta Water Dam

The megalopolis of Dubai is resplendent in its magnificence – architecturally marvelous skyscrapers, huge shopping malls, gaming arcades, amusement parks – in short, everything that a futuristic city should have.

However, if you are ready to step a little outside Dubai, a world of beauty awaits you. Not the beauty of human architecture – but that of lush, abundant nature. Of turquoise waters, beautifully rugged mountains, and clear blue skies. We are talking about the Hatta Water Dam, Dubai. Going on a hiking tour can be one of the best things to do in Dubai.

Read on to learn everything that you wanted about Hatta Water Dam.

Overview & Things to do at Hatta Dam

Hatta is located about 90 km from Dubai, along the border with Oman. It has the oldest fort in the emirate of Dubai. The imposing mountains of the Hajar range surround the calm waters of the Hatta Dam. The dam was built in 1989 to provide clean drinking water & electricity to the people of the Hatta region.

The surreal beauty of the dreamy landscape is best enjoyed from the water. So, indulge in some exciting water sports activities here. Paddle boating, canoeing, and kayaking are some of the most pursued water sports here. From the turquoise waters, you would get a 360-degree view of the breathtaking surroundings while gently sailing along the placid waters. Do check the Hatta mountain tour detail with Travel Saga which is conducted from Dubai.

The adventure-minded visitors can go for a hiking & trekking activity among the rugged mountain trails. A trek to the top of the mountains might make you somewhat exhausted–but it’s worth the effort. The outstanding views of the surrounding landscape – stretching endlessly into the horizon – will leave you spellbound, for sure.

Are you a biking enthusiast? Then the Hatta Mountain bike trail centre has something exciting for you. The Centre has clearly marked out the biking trails here. Explore the mountains & wadis on a bike. The activity is as thrilling as it is enjoyable.

Once done with the water sports & trekking, you may also take time out to explore the Hatta Fort, built in 1896. There is also a museum here that has a wealth of information about the colourful & chequered history of the region. The cultural heritage of the region is several millennia old. Besides the fort, you can also check out the old watch tower here from where you can enjoy wonderful views of the adjoining areas.

How to Reach Hatta Dam?

Hatta Dam is about 125 km away from Dubai. You can drive down yourself or you can rent a car. The drive is about 90 minutes duration. From Dubai, you would need to take the S-112 Maliha Road & then follow the E-102 road to Hatta. You would enjoy the drive as it would take you through the desert & the beautiful Hajar Mountains.

What is the Best Time to visit Hatta Dam?

October to March is the best time to visit this place. Avoid visiting during the summer months as the sun is quite oppressive. Also, almost every activity would be unavailable here during summertime.

What are the Ticket Prices for Hatta Dam?

A visit to the dam or a walk around the place is free of charge. However, to avail of the activities like canoeing and kayaking, you would need to pay fees.

Points to Keep in Mind before visiting Hatta Dam

  • Carry some spare clothes with you and also woolens if you are staying back after the evening
  • Carry enough water bottles & also some snacks with you
  • Be dressed comfortably in order to fully enjoy your trip here
  • People with cardiac conditions & pregnant women should avoid activities like trekking & biking


The Hatta Dam would be a nice break for you from city life. Unwind and relax at this place, creating special memories with your loved ones. So, connect with Travel Saga Tourism to book your Dubai City Tour and explore all the amazing places in the city.