Reasons to visit Abu Dhabi during Ramadan in March 2025

Reasons to Visit Abu Dhabi in Ramadan Travel Saga Tourism

Abu Dhabi is the largest of 7 emirates in the UAE. Also, it is the capital city of the United Arab Emirates. The emirate is famous for its highly acclaimed architecture, the world’s best theme parks and some of the grandest tourist attractions, such as Burj Khalifa. The UAE in short, is the synonym of luxury and royal grandeur. A visit to this iconic city will give you beautiful memories to cherish for a lifetime. So, in 2025, visit Abu Dhabi during Ramadan and experience the solace of the soul.

Truth about travelling during the Ramadan month 2025

Travelling to the Middle East is fun until you hear about the strict cultural rules. But, honestly, it’s not as strict as it is portrayed globally. In fact, you can travel to some of the famous emirates of the UAE during the Holy month of Ramadan for a great inclusive experience. 

This year in 2024, Ramadan falls in March. As the Islamic calendar follows the lunar cycle, the beginning of Ramadan keeps changing every year. March is one of the best months to visit Abu Dhabi because of weather conditions. One must visit the UAE irrespective of cultural background during the pleasant weather season. 

Here is a list of 5 reasons why you should visit Abu Dhabi during the holy month of Ramadan. 

1. Pocket friendly time:

The month of Ramadan is quite peaceful and enjoyable in Abu Dhabi. As the travel and business levels are low during Ramadan, it is cheaper than usual to visit Abu Dhabi during Ramadan. Everything from Flight tickets to hotel stays is available at a lower price during the holy month. If you are looking for a budget friendly experience in Abu Dhabi, Ramadan is the best time to visit. Besides this, some places like restaurants and hotels offer great discounts exclusively for the month of Ramadan. Visit Abu Dhabi during Ramadan to have affordable access to most of its places and services. Enjoy discounts and offers when you visit Abu Dhabi tourist attractions for Ramadan and make your trip pocket friendly. 

2. Less crowd everywhere:

The environment in Abu Dhabi is quieter in the holy month of Ramadan. Not many people travel to Abu Dhabi during this time, so if you visit during Ramadan, you’re likely to enjoy the peace of Abu Dhabi. In peak season, millions of people visit Abu Dhabi and it gets very crowded in general. If you are someone who feels overwhelmed in the presence of the crowd, Ramadan is the perfect time for you to have your peacetime in Abu Dhabi. Visit Abu Dhabi during Ramadan to avoid queues and crowds of the famous tourist attractions. 

3. Cultural events:

Abu Dhabi is predominantly an Islamic Emirate and thus Ramadan is the biggest festival for the people of Abu Dhabi. They celebrate Ramadan with great joy and excitement. The city is dotted with Ramadan markets, activities and fests all over throughout the month of Ramadan. The city comes to life after sunset. Many restaurants and other food outlets offer delicious menus from famous chefs, especially for Iftaar. You can participate in these cultural fests and other activities irrespective of your nationality or cultural beliefs. Visit Abu Dhabi during Ramadan to experience the cultural significance of Ramadan and related festivities. 

4. Religious aspect:

For religion enthusiasts, Abu Dhabi hosts the largest mosque in UAE, the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque. Millions of local and international tourists visit this mosque every year. Built between 1994 and 2007, this mosque unites the historical and cultural values of the region with the faith of the people. Visit this iconic mosque on your trip to Abu Dhabi and experience the amazing amalgamation of faith and culture. This mosque offers daily prayers as well, so you can take part in it after confirmation of timings. 

5. You miss out on nothing!

As per popular belief, you might think that some of the places might be closed during Ramadan. But, rest assured as you will miss nothing if you visit Abu Dhabi during Ramadan, as everything here is completely functional even in Ramadan. There might be changes in the operational hours of theme parks, restaurants and other attractions, but you can check beforehand and get all the experience you are looking for.  All the tourist places, theme parks and other spots remain open till late in the night during Ramadan. Also, get benefits from the Ramadan offers and discount schemes available at places in Abu Dhabi. 

Things to do in Abu Dhabi


So now that you know reasons big enough to travel to Abu Dhabi this Ramadan, give it a thought and get ready to experience the awe of Abu Dhabi. Ramadan brings new life to the emirate of Abu Dhabi. Moreover, it is less crowded and more peaceful during Ramadan in Abu Dhabi. Book a Abu Dhabi City tour and rest assured that you’ll have the best trip with Travel Saga. We promise you the best travel experience with convenient transportation services at ease. Plan your Abu Dhabi trip this Ramadan with Travel Saga Tourism. 

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