Valentine’s 2025 on the 9th cloud: LITERALLY!

hot air balloon adventure

As Valentine’s Day 2025 approaches, your creative mind starts planning for some unique dates with your valentine. With so many days of Valentine’s week in hand, you can try planning different activities you can do with your partner on different dates. Some of the activities include jet skiing, parasailing, quad biking, dune bashing, and the mighty hot air balloon adventures in Dubai. Plan a Valentine’s trip to Dubai with your partner and make every moment a memory of your togetherness. 

Redefine the 9th cloud feeling with a Hot Air Balloon.

In Dubai, many places offer a sky view from their tall architecture. While you witness the stunning city views from those places, a hot air balloon offers you a sky view of the natural desert safari Dubai. If luck favours you, you also get to see some rare species native to UAE in their natural desert habitat. Hot air balloons flow in the direction of the wind, so you never know what you’ll get to see on your 1 hour adventure journey. Thus, be prepared for surprises and awe moments in your hot air balloon adventure journey at Margham Desert.

The best time is now!

As desert temperatures in Dubai can be harsh in the summer, the best time to enjoy a Hot Air Balloon ride is from October to April. Talking about taking a ride with your loved one, there’s no better time than February, the month of love and its celebration. Celebrate your love up in the sky where you can literally feel that love is in the air, especially in the Hot Air Balloon.  

What will you see from the top?

The Margham Desert is not really deserted, which you will get to experience when you catch sight of the various desert animals on your hot air balloon ride. Take the hot air balloon ride early in the morning and witness the glorious golden sunrise from behind the Hajjar mountains. Bathe in the golden sunshine midway in the air and soak in the good vibes while holding hands with your partner. 

Your private adventure awaits your iconic moment of proposal

Valentine’s Day Yatch Party is certainly the best time to ask the four magical words,“ Will you marry me?”. Make this moment as dramatic and as beautiful as possible to etch it forever in your memories. Make your hot air balloon adventure your venue for the iconic proposal moment. In the magical morning sunshine, ask your beloved to light up your life forever. Grab the opportunity to propose your valentine in the air and surprise your partner in the best way.

Wish to propose on a yacht? No worries. Travel Saga got you covered. 

Safety instructions and relevant information

Hot air balloon is the safest mode of aviation. Rest assured when you ride a hot air balloon as the pilots are highly skilled and professional. Remember to wear comfortable clothes and avoid skirts or short dresses. Shoes are the most suitable footwear compared to flats or heels. Keep your smartphones and cameras safe while clicking pictures. It is advisable to wear sunglasses and sunscreen as the desert heat can be harmful to your skin and eyes. 


A hot air balloon ride can be the best morning in your Dubai trip. Make it memorable by spending it with your beloved. Celebrate your Valentine’s 2025 in Dubai, flying in the sky with your partner by your side. Moreover, you can even book a private tour at an additional expense and rent a car and make it just about you two. A private adventure makes it even better for a proposal.

So, don’t keep planning your perfect date, make it happen with us. 

Furthermore, your Dubai trip for Valentine’s week can be hassle free and convenient with Travel Saga’s transportation services. Reach out to us by email at [email protected]

or call +971 4 268 4645/ +971 50 914 3707 for any queries and travel guidance.


Q. Are there other inclusions in the hot air balloon like food and drinks?

You get to select the tour you book and some packages do include breakfast and soft drinks in the desert after a thrilling hot air balloon ride.

Q. How many people can be accommodated at one time in a hot air balloon basket?

The safety limit for a hot air balloon ride is a maximum of 20 people. It is advisable to keep the number under 20 to keep it safe while flying and landing.

Q. Who can ride the hot air balloon?

Everyone in the age range of 5 to 80 can ride the hot air balloon. Children under the age of 5 and adults above 80 years of age should not ride the hot air balloon. In addition to that, more than 3 months of pregnant women, people who have undergone major surgery in the last 6 months, and people with some medical conditions are not permitted to ride the balloon.

Q. Is a hot air balloon ride safe in Dubai?

Of course, the hot air balloon is the safest form of aviation. Moreover, skilful pilots are also professional. So, in a hot air balloon ride, you are in safe hands.

Q. How much time do we get to fly in the hot air balloon?

The ride time of a hot air balloon is approximately 1 hour. However, the time duration can change concerning the weather conditions.

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