UAE People Bid Adieu to The Last Summer Day

All the Middle Eastern countries are usually very hot and harsh in summer. UAE is no different. That is why it is suggested to visit the UAE during the pleasant weather months of the winter season. Thankfully, for the current year, summer has almost waved goodbye to the area. So, the entire UAE is ready to welcome tourists again to visit and experience the grand Arabian lifestyle.

The Last Summer Day

The Emirates has finally transitioned from summer and entered to the autumn season. According to the weather experts, the soothing autumn started on 23rd September. Therefore, the country will finally experience a little drop in the temperature and the weather conditions.

People will enjoy moderate temperatures in the morning and afternoon, and the night will get cooler in some of the Dubai tourist places. However, a significant change will be there during October and November when the country will start shifting to winter.

As per the National Center of Meteorology, the United Arab Emirates is stepping inside the 2nd transition period, which is the period between summer and winter. During this period, the weather gradually shows some changes in its patterns. Besides, this is the time when the Indian seasonal depression weakens. As a result, the Siberian air altitude interferes and massively affects the Arabian Gulf region.


In short, now is the time for people from the UAE and other foreign nations to visit Dubai. There’s no better time than to visit in winter months but the crowd remains a problem. Especially, from October to February, Dubai and the other 6 emirates of the UAE witness massive footfall from across the globe. So, right in the beginning and at the end of these months is a good time to spend in Dubai. Visit Dubai and see the cross-cultural harmony resulting in futuristic development. Plan your visit with Travel Saga Tourism to experience every side of the city in time and with ease.