Real Madrid World Dubai


Pinch yourself! No, you’re not dreaming. World’s first ever football club themed park is set to open in Dubai. Dubai Parks and Resorts and Real Madrid C.F. have signed an exclusive multi year partnership. We will see the first ever Real Madrid themed experience open at the largest theme park destination in the Middle East. What a treat for all football fans. 

Legendary Football Club

Without a doubt, it is believed that Real Madrid is a legendary football club and one of the greatest ones to exist in today’s world. Moreover, in 2000, FIFA named Real Madrid the Best Club of the 20th Century. 

Additionally, the club spent sums of money to acquire the world’s most famous players to the club. They were called galácticos (superstars). Thus, some popular stars who once wore Real Madrid’s jersey include David Beckham, Luis Figo, Zidane, Kaká, and Cristiano Ronaldo. Indeed, the opening of this theme park is truly a remarkable event for Real Madrid C.F.

Champions Avenue

Champions Avenue evokes memories of vintage Madrid streets while hinting at the club’s past, present, and future. So, discover immersive events and activities that honour the spirit of the club. In addition to that, it has food, music, and engaging activities to truly celebrate Real Madrid C.F.

Rides and Attractions

  • White Hearts
  • Road to Victory
  • Hala Madrid Restaurant

Celebration Plaza

The scene is prepared for a Real Madrid style football fiesta at Celebration Plaza. The primary focus is to depict the spirit of football. From the lowest levels to the highest points ever reached, heroic returns, and all stages in between. Certainly, it pays homage to the blood, sweat, and tears that have been shed which shaped the legacy of Real Madrid. 

Rides and Attractions

  • Champions Fountain Cibeles
  • Hala Madrid Coaster
  • La Fabrica Training Pitch
  • The Wave La Ola
  • Bernabéu Experience

Stars Universe

Explore the Stars Universe and learn the techniques behind Real Madrid’s winning culture. Additionally, get access to state of the art technology, and take part in exciting basketball and football challenges. Also, accompany the team’s stars on their amazing path to glory and triumph. Moreover, explore the core of Real Madrid’s victories and discover the attributes that make them unquestionably unbeatable.

Rides and Attractions

  • Magic Cleats
  • Hands Up!
  • Champions Bus 
  • Academy Cafe
  • Stars Flyer
  • The Real Challenge
  • Unstoppables the Universe Cup
  • Goal Coaster
  • The Factory of Dreams

Interactive Experience

Real Madrid World has many interactive attractions which allow you to celebrate the iconic club in different ways. 

  • White Hearts: This is a walk through exhibit located at Champions Avenue. Everyone will receive a fascinating introduction to Real Madrid’s winning mentality and culture. Indeed, taking you on a trip to discover the enigma surrounding the greatest team in the world.
  • Meet The Stars: A surreal area honouring current and former football and basketball icons. Moreover, engage with their life size representations, both visually and through interactive experiences. 
  • Matchday Bernabéu Experience: The legacy of Real Madrid, the greatest club of all time, has been forged at the Santiago Bernabéu. Indeed, on the pitch, the dreams and aspirations of all Real Madrid supporters come true. 

Additionally, gain special access to 3 iconic locations at the Santiago Bernabéu that are normally inaccessible. The locker room, the centre of the field, and a secret haven where 14 football trophies from the Champions League and 11 basketball European Cups are kept safe. Certainly, it’s an unparalleled experience.

Exclusive Merchandise Store and Spain themed restaurants

There is no greater joy than wearing your favourite player’s jersey number. Whether it’s Jude Bellingham’s legacy number 5, or Vinicius’ iconic number 7. Thus, at Real Madrid World Dubai, you can buy exclusive and original merchandise of your idols. 

Moreover, Hala Madrid, a Spanish themed restaurant will be opened for an all Spanish experience for its visitors. Immerse yourself in the taste of Spain.  

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Step into Real Madrid World, the world’s first ever theme park devoted to the iconic Real Madrid football and basketball teams. Indeed, dive into the world of adventure. Also, explore 18 original Real Madrid themed attractions and dining experiences to bring their legacy to life. 

Real Madrid World Dubai isn’t just a theme park but a tribute and celebration to the relentless spirit of winning. 


Q. What is Real Madrid World?

Dubai Parks and Resorts announced the world’s first Real Madrid themed park. Moreover, it is known as Real Madrid World. 

Q. When is Real Madrid World opening in Dubai?

Dubai Parks and Resorts are yet to announce the official opening date of the theme park. However, the park is still under construction and hopefully will open soon.

Q. Is Kylian Mbappe joining Real Madrid C.F.?

Yes, Kylian Mbappe has signed a five-year contract with Real Madrid. Additionally, Mbappe has reportedly announced that he will leave Paris Saint-Germain at the end of the season.

Q. What is El Clasico?

El Clásico in Spanish, or El Clàssic in Catalan both meaning “The Classic”. Thus, it is the name given to any football match between legendary rival clubs Barcelona and Real Madrid.

Q. Who is the youngest player in Real Madrid? 

Eduardo Celmi Camavinga (born 10 November 2002) is a professional footballer who plays as a midfielder for La Liga club Real Madrid. Also, other young players include Vinicius Junior and Jude Bellighnam