Morning to Evening at Dubai Marina


Dubai Marina has been the most reputed enjoyable attraction across Dubai since 2003. The place is a great example of man engineering and is surrounded by restaurants, beach resorts, and tour opportunities. The place is a hub for all types of tourists from sky-high adventure to water sports. Similarly, have a lot more for shopping lovers from Dubai Marina Mall to the local market. Additionally, it is a perfect spot for restaurants and scenic views from day to bustling at night.

So, let’s know more about the place with the best things to do and prepare a tour for this unique vacation destination with Travel Saga.

Things to Do at Dubai Marina

Visit the Beach 

JBR Beach and Dubai Marina Beach are undoubtedly tranquil escapes for visitors. Both beaches offer serene views of the Arabian Gulf. Additionally, ideal for breathers with options like Smoky Beach and Kebabji Abou Ali for dining. Furthermore, you can opt for nearby resorts like Rixos Premium Dubai JBR, Habtoor Grand Resort, and One & Only Royal Mirage Resort for direct beach access.

Go on a Yacht Tour with Breakfast or BBQ 

When you roam around Dubai Marina Beach, choosing a yacht tour in Dubai will be another level experience. The yacht tour passes by famous landmarks like the biggest Ferris wheel in the world, Palm Jumeirah, and the Burj Al Arab Hotel. Also, you can enjoy breakfast or a BBQ, depending on when you start your trip. Most trips are for two hours, but there’s a longer one in the afternoon that goes for three hours. 

Aerial Views on a Helicopter Tour 

After water rides, the luxury helicopter tour Dubai over the Dubai Marina is a must-do. The duration of the ride is 17 or 25 minutes, where You’ll fly over famous spots like Atlantis, the Palm and the Golden Mile. This tour is perfect for a small group of up to 6 people, with a total weight limit of 460 kg. If a group exceeds the weight limit, they will have to use another helicopter at an additional cost. You can take pictures with your phone, but large cameras, selfie sticks, and tablets/iPads are not allowed.

Watch the Sunset 

At Dubai Marina, finding daytime activities is exciting, but watching the sun go down over the Persian Gulf is magical. It happens quickly, so find a good spot early. Hence, check out the most convenient places or book a high-floor room in hotels like  Address Dubai Marina, Arjaan by Rotana, or Avani Palm View Dubai to behold the sunset ( or sunrise).

Visit the Dubai Marina Mall 

Shop around the world-famous paradise for shoppers, Dubai Marina Mall has 140 stores ranging from luxury brands to essentials. It’s a lively mix of tourists and locals, with plenty of restaurants. Stay at Address Dubai Marina for direct mall access.

Stroll Along the Dubai Marina Walk

Experience luxury yachts and Dubai’s skyline by walking along Dubai Marina Walk. It’s an 8 km loop with plenty to see, ensuring an exciting journey. Stay nearby at hotels like Dubai Marriott Harbour for easy access.

Ride the Ferry 

Explore Dubai by ferry from Dubai Marina Yacht Club for unique city views. Pass landmarks like Burj Al Arab and enjoy the skyline. The Marina Yacht Club offers upscale water experiences.

Go Zip-lining 

Sliding like a flying bird with the world’s longest urban Zipline Dubai . It can be an adventurous experience. Take a bird’s eye view of Marina with a speed of 80 Km/hour either solo or on a parallel line with a friend. The zip line requires riders to be at least 130 cm tall and weigh between 50-100 kg.

Visit Jumeirah Beach

Don’t miss the chance to spend your refreshing swim or a leisurely day at Jumeirah Beach. Jumeirah Beach offers ample space for relaxation without the crowds. Its crystal-clear waters are ideal for snorkelling enthusiasts eager to explore marine life. Then make sure to visit the Burj Al Arab to enrich your experience.

Have Afternoon Tea at The Burj Al Arab 

Grab a chance to enjoy your afternoon tea at Sahn Eddar with some pastries, scones, and small sandwiches in a lavish setting. Then move ahead to view the world’s 7-star hotel Burj Al Arab. Which include suites decorated with gold, a top-class spa and swimming pool, and private yachts with crews.

Zero Gravity Beach Club 

For those seeking adventure, Zero Gravity serves as the launching point for Skydive Dubai. If extreme sports aren’t your preference, you can still relish the spectacle of others embarking on their adrenaline-filled jumps. The Beach Club boasts dining venues and lounges, and as dusk settles, it morphs into the premier nightlife destination. 

Ski Dubai 

Ski Dubai, nestled in Dubai, offers an unforgettable indoor skiing experience with attractions like a dual-track bobsled, the world’s first indoor black run, and a ski school for beginners. Enjoy cross-country skiing, on-site dining, or panoramic views from the chairlift, making it ideal for thrill-seekers and families a like.


Dubai Marina stands as a testament to architectural brilliance and a hub for endless adventure and relaxation. This destination promises a blend of luxury and excitement from serene beach outings to dining under the stars. Additionally, it is an unparalleled vacation spot that caters to every whim. Hence, ensure a memorable journey with Travel Saga for Dubai’s vibrant culture and scenic beauty as well.

Plan your visit to Dubai tourist places and experience the best of what Dubai has to offer with Travel Saga.


Q. What are the best activities to do at Dubai Marina?

Dubai Marina offers a variety of activities including yacht tours, helicopter tours for aerial views as well as dining at world-class restaurants. Moreover, You can go shopping at Dubai Marina Mall and do adventurous activities like zip-lining and skiing at Ski Dubai.

Q. Can I access the beach from Dubai Marina?

Yes, you can access serene beaches like JBR Beach and Dubai Marina Beach. There you can enjoy scenic views of the Arabian Gulf and dining options, together with some resorts providing direct beach access.

Q. Are there any options for luxury tours at Dubai Marina?

Indeed, Dubai Marina offers luxury yacht tours with breakfast or BBQ options, and exclusive helicopter tours providing breathtaking aerial views of Dubai’s landmarks.

Q. What dining experiences are available at Dubai Marina?

Dubai Marina is home to multiple dining options from high-end restaurants serving Asian, Turkish, Lebanese, and Moroccan cuisines to laid-back dining at food trucks and local markets.

Q. Is there any nightlife to enjoy at Dubai Marina?

Yes, Dubai Marina transforms into a bustling nightlife hub with options like Zero Gravity Beach Club, which offers dining, and lounges. As well as the place becomes a prime nightlife destination as dusk settles.

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