Top 7 New Attractions in Abu Dhabi

New attractions in Abu Dhabi to visit

List of new attractions in Abu Dhabi: It is a fact that there are many new things coming up in Abu Dhabi that will attract lots of visitors from different parts of the world. Here, we like to mention that numerous individuals visit this iconic capital of the UAE every single year. Go on reading this article to find out the top seven new attractions in Abu Dhabi that will definitely catch you by surprise.

Flamingo Observation Tower

This observation tower in Abu Dhabi will provide you with the opportunity of watching flamingos from a specific height. Incidentally, the Flamingo Observation Tower is positioned within the Al Wathba Wetland Reserve. Numerous flamingos come to this particular location every winter and you should not miss the chance of watching them from close. And, the good thing is that you will get a much better view to observe these birds that you might not find anywhere else. Incidentally, there are various types of plant and bird species right here in addition to dragonflies as well. Once you come to the observation tower it is certain that you will be completely mesmerized by the sight of so many flamingos in one location.

The biggest snow park in the world

This new attraction in Abu Dhabi is situated in the Reem Mall. It provides amazing entertainment to visitors while covering approximately 125,000 ft.². The companies behind this snow park happen to be Majid Al Futtaim Ventures, Al Farwaniya Property Developers, and Thinkwell. Here, you will come across as many as 13 intriguing rides that will surely provide tremendous amusement for all individuals who come here. Amongst all the rides, mention may be made of Snowflake Garden, Blizzard’s Bazaar, as well as Flurries’ Mountain. Moreover, Blizzard’s Bazaar, which happens to be a themed retail outlet will provide the tourists with a chance to purchase various items like postcards and garments along with souvenirs. There is also the Snowflake Garden which will allow tourists, particularly children, to have a great time in the snow.

Al Qana Development

There is hardly any doubt that this new attraction in Abu Dhabi will offer lots of options for amusement at present. Here, we like to mention that this one happens to be a waterfront destination featuring the reputed National Aquarium. The company responsible for coming up with this project happens to be Al Barakah International Investment. This area will provide you with lots of amenities including cafés, routes for jogging, plus eSports hubs. Spanning as many as 7 neighborhoods the Al Qana Development can also boast of having some sophisticated fitness centers for all those who are fitness fanatics.

National Aquarium, Al Qana

Our subsequent new attraction of Abu Dhabi in this list is the National Aquarium, Al Qana. You will not find any aquarium bigger than this in the entire Middle East right now. There is no doubt that it has become an extremely popular tourist spot ever since it has been opened. The good thing is that you will come across approximately 250 aquatic species right here including sharks. Covering as many as 5,000 m² this aquarium is also known to host several amazing underwater exhibitions much to the appreciation of the visitors. We all expect at least 1 million visitors to come to this place every year thanks to its massive structure.

Guggenheim Abu Dhabi

The person responsible for designing this impressive structure has been Frank Gehry and we all expect this museum to attract lots of visitors throughout the year. Being situated on Al Saadiyat Island, it is an art museum that depicts Islamic culture in the best possible way. According to some individuals, the designer got the idea of designing this museum from the Guggenheim Foundation located in New York. It covers an area of 320,000 ft.² whose main attraction is going to be the 4 huge galleries which are linked with the help of glass bridges along with a massive glass atrium. Apart from this, there is also a theater plus an education center that will attract individuals having an artistic frame of mind. Incidentally, the theater comes with a seating capacity of 350 individuals.

Reem Mall

In case you are planning to purchase lots of items during your visit to Abu Dhabi then you must make it a point to visit this particular Mall. There are as many as 450 outlets right here that will provide you with a flawless shopping experience. The Reem Mall has been designed by Al Farwaniya Property Developments and will provide you with some family-friendly amusement facilities. Covering an area of approximately 2,800,000 ft.², this place is ideal for those who like to satisfy their taste buds while taking a break from their purchasing spree. Here, you will also come across a multiplex cinema as well as the biggest snow park on the planet.


This point of interest in Abu Dhabi will allow you to take the pleasure of watching marine life in the best possible way. This theme park is expected to attract a huge number of visitors in the upcoming years. And, the most notable thing is that you will come across approximately 68,000 creatures right here in this massive aquarium. There will be different types of creatures including different species of fish, sharks, sea turtles, and so forth. And that’s not all! Seaworld will likewise provide you with the opportunity of watching some intriguing birds such as flamingos, penguins, etc. In a nutshell, this place will be appropriate for individuals of all ages and will provide plenty of fun as well.

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