Al Wathba Salt Lake


If you are in Abu Dhabi and are looking for a getaway place to enjoy some quiet time, then Al Wathba Long Salt Lake is the ideal spot for it. This lake is simply 40 minutes away from Abu Dhabi city and it is often referred to as Abu Dhabi Salt Lake. Are you keen to know more about this place? Well, keep reading as we reveal some fascinating details about this salt lake in Abu Dhabi.

A Brief Overview of The Al Wathba Salt Lake

Al Watbha Salt Lake is an artificial salt lake with emerald green waters. Naturally, such a place would take years to form but the planners and makers of this lake did a wonderful marvel. The clear green water, salt pads and salt boundaries between a desert area make this place picture perfect. It is a great place to click pictures, create videos or just have some me time. Infact, several places in the UAE will leave you amazed. Consider taking the 6 Emirates tour by Travel Saga to explore them all.

Over the last few years, this place has undergone tremendous change as many residential places have come up in the area. However, the salt lake in Abu Dhabi has become very famous all over social media. The blue waters will simply grab your attention right from the start.  This place attracts thousands of tourists and vloggers from all over the world. So, you need to plan your visit to the long salt lake in Abu Dhabi as soon as possible otherwise you may miss out on something really special. Once you are done exploring the main city on an Abu Dhabi city tour, consider a laid back relaxing experience at this beautiful location.

How Was This Lake Formed?

This is an artificial lake and the water comes in from underground pipes. The origin of the salt lake in Abu Dhabi is yet to be figured out. This place is perfect for those who are looking for a quiet getaway from city life. If you love photography then you should take your camera and your tripod while visiting this location. This lake has giant salt plates which are hard to miss. They make the lake even more picturesque.

Additional Information On The Lake

The salt content of this place comes from the evaporation caused due to the heat, it is observed that desert sand contains high traces of salt. The salt plates in the lake are a result of the evaporation. The Al Wathba Salt Lake has received a high amount of promotion from the tourism department in Abu Dhabi. Don’t forget to visit Love Lake which is among the most popular tourist places in the UAE.

Location Of Al Wathba Salt Lake

If you are driving a car, then you should stick to the routes E30 and E20 to reach this lake. If you are using GPS then you can feed in the coordinates 54.5025 E.

When Should One Visit

If you wish to experience the lake in all its splendour then you should visit anytime between November to March. This is also the peak tourism period so you will find a lot of tourists here. If you want to avoid a huge crowd then visit at a time close to sunset.

Activities At Al Wathba Lake

Here is a list of activities that you can enjoy at this place. Have a read.

  1. Visit Al Wathba Hill

This place is just 40 mins by car. Here, you will get to see the flag of UAE at the highest point on the mountain. This place is perfect for those who love hiking and photography. Great Events such as motoring competitions, paragliding, and running challenges take place every year at Al Watbha Hill.

  1. Wetland Reserve

This is a beautiful place and it is just a 40-minute drive from the lake and it is a must visit. Here you will come across at least 250 different types of birds, you will also see more than 37 different varieties of plants. This is a good place to spot beautiful flamingos in the winter.

  1. Fossils Dunes

This place is a must visit as you can see many fossil dunes. These dunes are unique and are said to be more than four million years old. You can visit this place for free. If archaeological sites interest you, then make sure to visit Jebel Hafeet Mountain which is the UAE’s oldest archaeological site.

  1. Camping

If you love camping at beautiful locations then you are going to love it here. The campsite has cycling tracks, running tracks, playgrounds, and courts for playing volleyball. If you are going to camp at this place then you should go with friends who have sufficient experience. Another interesting place for camping is the Desert Safari. You can enjoy an evening full of fun, entertainment, delicious food, and stargazing.

Here are Some Points to Remember before Camping at this Place.

  • You must carry an ample supply of water and food
  • Carry your tent
  • You carry a solar powered shower
  • You should carry your toiletries and clothes
  • Carry bags to dispose of garbage
  • A first aid bag is a must
  • Sleeping bags and pillows
  • Carry your utensils
  • Firewood
  • A flashlight

Things To Keep In Mind Before Visiting This Lake

  • You must not break chunks of the salt plates at the Al Wathba Salt Lake
  • If you plan to use drones in this place, then make sure that you have proper licenses to use it
  • Do not litter near the lake. Make sure you carry trash bags with you.

Wrapping Up

This lake is very beautiful and it is certainly a popular Abu Dhabi tourist attraction. Here, you can enjoy a lot of activities and have picnics with friends or family members. Hopefully, with the information we have given, you will now know what to expect at this spectacular place. So, start planning your Abu Dhabi City Tour. To make your journey hassle free, rent a car from Travel Saga and enjoy easy access to the lake. Don’t keep waiting, connect with experts of Travel Saga to make your vacations a memorable one.


Q. Can We Swim In The Lake?

Yes, you can, but people with sensitive skin should not do so as the salt can irritate their skin.

Q. Is The Lake An Artificial Lake?

Yes, the water comes from underground pipes and the salt plates are formed from the salt content in the sand.

Q. Is This Place Child Friendly?

Of course, it is. You just have to remember to supervise young kids at all times just to make sure that they are not close to the water.

Q. Can We Organize a BBQ Here?

Yes, you are allowed to have BBQs at this place. There are several BBQ pits where you can set up your equipment and get started.