Jebel Hafeet Mountain – Everything you Wanted to Know

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The Jebel Hafeet are among the highest of its kind in the entire Gulf region. Located in Abu Dhabi’s Tawam region – the border of UAE & Oman – the Jebel Hafeet (“empty mountain” in Arabic) towers over the adjoining landscape, resplendent in all its majestic splendour. Jebel Hafeet is located within the premises of a national park and is also a part of the Sheikh Zayed Network of Protected Areas.

As per geologists, Jebel Hafeet is several million years old. It came into existence as a result of constant tectonic shifts. The mountain – standing like a sentinel on the border of the country – is also the repository of a large number of fossils. Archaeologists have stumbled upon sites here that date back to almost 8000 years ago – including the Jebel Hafeet Tombs that were discovered almost 65 years ago. The mountain is like an open book of knowledge about UAE’s prehistory & history.

Things to Do at Jebel Hafeet Mountain

This mountain is home to some of the most well-maintained roads in the Emirates making driving here a treat. The barren mountain makes for an excellent contrast against the abundant greenery of Al Ain in the distance. Here is what you can do & see at this 4000-feet high mountain.

  • If you are a driving enthusiast, then you can not miss a drive up to the top of Jebel Hafeet. There are several hairpin bends here and other lesser twists and turns – but all of them are fairly easily navigable. And with this moderate driving challenge, comes immense doses of fun. Drive to the top and observe the changing scenery all around – each better than the previous one. And various cafes along the road would provide you with much-needed breaks.
  • Reached the summit? Now it’s time to take out your mobile or that DSLR – because photo opportunities are aplenty here! Fascinating views of the adjoining landscapes, Al Ain Oasis city, and the nearby Hajar Mountains are more than an eyeful for you as you go clicking away to glory. And with clear skies, a view of Oman across the border is also possible.
  • The Jebel Hafeet Tombs are also a must-visit here. Among the nation’s oldest archaeological sites, the tombs are from the days of the Bronze Age – over 5000 years ago. There was a bustling village here which explains this burial site. Archaeologists have made many interesting discoveries here by studying the tombs. And as you visit this site, you will also be enlightened about the same.
  • After all that driving and exploring, your empty stomach is protesting, for sure! So, now it’s time to pamper it. And the nearby Mercure Grand Jebel Hafeet Al Ain Hotel will take good care of it. Fill yourself up here as your taste buds get pampered like anything. There are also designated barbecue spots here that you can make use of if you bring barbecue equipment with you.

Best Time to Visit Jebel Hafeet Mountain

It’s best to avoid visiting the mountains between April and September as the punishing UAE summer would make any outdoor trip almost impossible during the daytime. Of course, you can visit during the evening for some wonderful views of the sunset. However, it’s best to plan your visit here from October to March as you can explore the place to your heart’s content without the sun bothering you.

How to Reach

 You can catch a bus to Al Jubail Bus Station, and visit Sharjah, from the Deira City Center metro station in Dubai. From Al Jubail Bus Station, you would need to catch another bus to Al Ain. However, the easier – and more comfortable – option would be to visit here by renting a car. You can opt for a self-driven vehicle or your car (if you are a resident). Alternatively, you can book a chauffeur-driven car & visit Jebel Hafeet. You can also reach out to us if you wish to visit Jebel Hafeet.

Entry Fee 

Visitors to Jebel Hafeet Park need to pay AED 20 as entry fees. This includes car parking fees.

Nearby Places to Visit

Near to the dry Jebel Hafeet Mountain lies the Green Mubazzarah. And as you might already have guessed from the name, it’s among the region’s greenest zones. It’s like a spot of oasis among the barren mountains all around. The hot springs are of particular attraction. Take leisurely walks and explore this beautiful spot.

Pay a visit to Al Ain city, Al Ain Zoo, The camel market here is among the largest of its kind in the country and is a must visit. The Palace Museum here also makes for an interesting visit. Do also explore the nearby Al Jahili Fort.

Important Points to Know

  • Please carry your valid ID proof at all times as this is an international border location
  • Keep with you things like drinking water, light refreshments, and a first-aid kit.
  • If you plan to go for treks here, ensure to wear proper trekking shoes.