Al Ain Zoo (Abu Dhabi) – Things to See, Ticket Price, How to Reach

Al Ain is a famous city in UAE that has one of the best architecture, amazing landscapes, and a brilliant culture among the locals. Generally, visitors tend to visit this place to know about the history of the place and have an understanding of the scenic beauty here. Al Ain Zoo is one such place to stop by while visiting the city on a trip. The zoo is famous for its 400 different species of birds and animals. The zoo imparts a great understanding of the animals’ habitats and provides information regarding their maintenance. Let us check the distinct things available to do at the Al Ain Zoo and the proper timings of the activities jotted below.

Activities to do at Al Ain Zoo

Al Ain Zoo is one of the most famous Abu Dhabi tourist attractions. There are various activities to indulge in while being at Al Ain Zoo with your loved ones. The following are a few to have a look at.

1. Stopover at Sheikh Zayed Desert Learning Center

This place gives information regarding the history of the UAE and accommodates 5 distinct galleries over the same. Sheikh Zayed Tribute Hall, Looking into the Future, People of the Desert, Abu Dhabi’s Living World, and Abu Dhabi Desert Safari over time constitute the galleries with the history of the city’s transformation in recent years.

2. Watching the wildlife

This place is a lush green paradise with animals like white rhinos, gazelles, leopards, and lions to watch. It also accommodates reptiles like spot turtles, variants of snakes, and lizards with birds like cockatoos, a variety of parrots, emus, peacocks, flamingos, and even eagles. Visitors can delve into the exquisite flora and fauna around with the majestic animals in their proper habitats. It is a great experience to watch the wildlife during the Al Ain City Tour.

3. Check the hunting skills of the animals

This show can really thrill anyone as you get an opportunity to watch mighty birds like vultures, falcons, and eagles catch their prey in their habitats. This provides a learning experience for the students and kids about the nature of these beasts. This exhibit is open from 5-5.30 in the evening.

4. Spending time at the children’s zoo

The children’s zoo is a fun filled place for kids and toddlers as here they will get an opportunity to watch a variety of animals. What’s more, they can even go on a camel or horse ride. The zoo timings are from 10 AM to 6 PM with a 3-hour halt for lunch in between. When you are planning to visit this city then try the Abu Dhabi city tour which will allow you to explore other places.

5. A great dining experience with the wild

Another activity to indulge in while visiting the Al Ain Zoo is to have a dining experience with the wild lions around. This place actually lets the visitors dine within a few meters away from the lions. This attraction would cost around 800 AED for 4 individuals.

6. Feeding the wild animals

Tourists visiting this place can hand feed the animals here with fruits and vegetables, grains, and even grass. The operational hours start from 9 AM to 7 PM with a 2 hrs break for lunch and maintenance. The entry fee is quite reasonable and just costs around 30 AED for 4 people.

7. Walking down the Lemur valley

Here you can look to take a walk amongst the lemurs and take time to watch their various characteristics. The exhibit is open on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays and the entry fee is around 30 AED.

8. Best Time to Visit Al Ain Zoo

The Al Ain Zoo is mostly open throughout the year but it is better to avoid the rainy season for a proper experience here. The best months to visit the best zoo are from October to May. The flora and fauna looked gracious at that time and even helped to spot the animals camouflaged in the wilderness.

Ticket Pricing

There are varied tickets available at the counter and their distinctions are presented below.

  • Entertainer Ticket

The ticket prices are 30 AED for adults and 10 AED for children between 3 and 12 years of age.

  • Explorer Ticket

This ticket provides a zoo and SZDLC access that costs around 60 AED for adults and 40 AED for kids between 3-12 years of age.

  • Safari Ticket

The Safari ticket is also available in 2 variants. One includes a safari with a zoo and SZDLC while the other doesn’t have the SZDLC option. Tickets start from 200 AED for adults and children and a private SUV ride can start from 1000 AED onwards.

  • Annual Passes

The annual passes start from 235 AED for a single person with 95 AED extra for carrying another individual with you.

  • Family Annual Passes

The tickets are sold for 661 AED for 2 adults and 3 children whereas an extra person would cost 95 AED.

How to Reach the Al Ain Zoo

Al Ain Zoo can be reached from Dubai by taking the private transportation services. This trip takes around 4 hrs and costs around 45 -70 AED which is also the cheapest method. Individuals can also rent a car and take a cab or taxi from Dubai to reach Al Ain Zoo for a reasonable 220 AED.

Final Words

The above are a few important points on activities to engage at Al Ain Zoo with their timings and ticket prices. Individuals can check in with the authorities to know better about the distinct events happening within the zoo premises year out. So, connect with Travel Saga Tourism to explore hidden gems in the city.