Enfold Ramadan 2025: Activities & Experience in Dubai

Ramadan Activities & Experience in Dubai Travel Saga Tourism

The echoes of Ramadan have spread everywhere, the month of worship has arrived. Dubai has also been painted in this colour. So, if you are in Dubai, let Travel Saga tell you about the variety of 2025 Ramadan activities & experiences today. Here’s a glimpse into what you can explore. Let’s go on the journey!

Activities & Experience in Dubai

Iftar in Milehah Desert

During the month of Ramadan, after spending your day in the hurly-burly of the city, head over to the Milehah Desert. There, let yourself immerse in the serene beauty desert for a magical Ramadan in Dubai dinner experience. Also, enjoy traditional Emirati cuisine under a canopy of twinkling stars with Travel Saga’s Desert Safari Tour. However, the tranquil desert landscape sets the scene for an unforgettable evening of gastronomic delight and cultural immersion.

Shop artisans in Ramadan Night Market

It is a delightful experience to wander through the night markets and shop for various artisanal items and handicrafts during Ramadan. During this period, markets like the Ramadan Night Market and Global Village Dubai Ramadan Wonders Souk provide an excellent platform. Here you can purchase a wide variety of craft products and cultural heritages. Moreover, you can find many unique items including clothing and jewellery, which reflect the craftsmanship and cultural heritage of the region.

Take a swing at Topgolf 

In 2025 Ramadan activities & experience, Topgolf’s iftar menu has a wide variety to please every kind of foodie. This dinner arrangement ranges from international dishes like Korean BBQ ribs and buffalo wings to traditional favourites like Bil Lahm and Baklava. Choose either the Western or Arabic package based on what you are craving on the day, and after the feast, attempt a whole-in-one from your bay, as both offerings include 2 hours of gameplay with food and beverages. 

Find the Ramadan Wonder Souk

Delicious cuisine, cultural entertainment, and festive atmosphere make Global Village an ideal destination to visit this 2025 Ramadan activities & experience. Additionally, Ramadan Wonders Souk will be organised here, which will resemble a traditional Emirati market. Apart from this, where Ramadan-themed materials will be displayed from various pavilions.

Mosque and Cultural Tours

While visiting the mosques in Dubai during Ramadan make sure that you have a culturally enriching experience. These beautiful mosques will give you a visual treat and an idea of the religious significance of the festival. These are some important mosques in Dubai that you must visit:

  • The Jumeirah Mosque
  • The eco-friendly Khalifa Al Tajer Mosque 
  • The Imam Hussein Mosque 
  • And the Al Farouk Omar bin Al Khattab Mosque

In these mosques, you would get to learn about the religious and cultural significance of Ramadan in Dubai, with the help of tourist guides.

Ramadan nights at Jameel Art Centre

Jameel Arts Center is organising 2 special evenings during the holy month of Ramadan on the theme ‘Ramadan Nights of Shared Traditions’. There will be a variety of activities to entertain the entire family. Here you will find wellness sessions, many organised workshops for adults and children, and activities that will be enjoyable for all.

Hai Ramadan

This Ramadan, Expo City Dubai will transform into a traditional Emirati neighbourhood. The place is sparkling with a vibrant market, traditional activities, children’s entertainment, and much more at this time. From 9 March to 8 April 2025 visit the future-centric development and experience with Travel Saga. Also, enjoy the Holy Month while breaking your fast and sharing a meal with your loved ones.

Get Active with Padelx

Celebrate the flavours of Ramadan at a sumptuous buffet during Ramadan, where you can dine on traditional Arabic dishes and a variety of global favourites. Also, from delectable mezze to delicious grilled dishes, satisfy your food cravings and indulge your taste buds in a joyous and festive atmosphere.


Each of these experiences offers a unique way to celebrate and connect with the spirit of Ramadan 2025 in Dubai. Dubai’s diverse 2025 Ramadan activities & experience offerings reflect its status as a cosmopolitan city that cherishes its heritage while embracing innovation and inclusivity. As the best tour operator in Dubai, Travel Saga helps you to make your tour comfortable. Additionally, we provide you with a tailor made trip to cover all your Dubai tourist places.