Dubai Weather in December 2024

Dubai Weather in December Month

Dubai Weather in December 2024

The temperature of Dubai during December month remains favorable to travel and explore the Dubai city.  It is one of the most happening cities in the world. Tourists from all across the globe come here on vacation and to experience the magic and glamour of the city. Who hasn’t heard of Dubai and gotten excited about a trip to this amazing place? That’s quite impossible, right? That’s the charisma of this city. With countless iconic attractions and activities, you can never have enough of Dubai.

Dubai Weather in December 2024

While millions plan to visit Dubai, they may wonder what could be the best time and month to be here so that one can make the most out of the trip. Dubai, being a desert, can be blazing hot during the summer months and therefore, most people prefer making a trip here during the autumn or winter season. Out of the months suitable for a Dubai trip, December happens to be the winner!

If you are planning to have a Dubai trip shortly, you are at the right place as we shall discuss the weather of Dubai during December and the top reasons why you should be visiting Dubai in December.

An insight into Dubai Weather in December 2024

Temperature: The temperature significantly drops, making the city cooler and pleasant. The daily maximum temperatures drop from 82 to 76 degrees Fahrenheit. The daily lowest temperature falls to 59 degrees Fahrenheit.

Clouds:  In the month of December, the city remains more or less covered with clouds, hence making the days less scorching unlike during the summer. The clearest day with least cloudy sky is 1st of December.

Precipitation/ Rainfall: The chances of rainfall or precipitation during the month of December remains around 5% throughout.

Daylight: The shortest day in December is on 22nd of December with the daylight lasting 10 hours and 35 minutes which is not too short. So, unlike many other places, the daylight in Dubai, even in December is long enough for you to explore places comfortably.

Humidity: Since Dubai is a desert, it’s mostly dry and arid. It’s never too humid, especially in winter. The chances of humidity in Dubai in the month of December is very low. The chances of it feeling muggy and uncomfortable decreases from 14 % to 4 % over the month.

Wind speed: The wind speed remains fairly constant over the course of December, at approximately 7.9 miles per hour. For comparison, let’s take the reference of the windiest day of the year when the wind speed shoots up to 9.3 miles per hour.

Having discussed the various parameters of climate in Dubai during December, it must be clear that the city is in a pleasant state with a moderate weather; neither too hot nor too cold.

Reasons you should visit Dubai in December

  • Dubai is a hot and arid desert but becomes very pleasant during the winter, especially, in December. The maximum temperature in a day in December doesn’t exceed 28 degree celcius or so, making the place cool and comfortable.
  • You can venture out into the sun fearlessly and try out many adventure sports, not having to worry about the scorching sun and tan.
  • As it’s a holiday season, there are lots of exciting offers and deals on many activities and places.
  • The wind speed also reduces and hence, it becomes quite convenient for you to explore several places during the day time.
  • You can enjoy some exclusive activities and attractions which are specially hosted during the Christmas season. Feel the holiday vibes all around!
  • Overall, the city of Dubai is int’s best and most pleasant state in terms of weather during December.

Things/Activities to do in Dubai in December

With such a soothing and comfortable weather, you must certainly not miss the following activities and adventure sports.

  • Ski Dubai: What could be a better time than December to experience some snow? Check out the indoor snow park Ski Dubai, to get the real feel of December and winter. Even though Ski Dubai is human-made, with the most realistic environment and ambience, you would feel as if you are on a real snowy mountain. A home to many exhilarating rides and activities, it’s full of fun. You can also meet and interact with real penguins here.
  • Burj Khalifa: The sensational Burj Khalifa is always high on demand. The holiday season of December is no exception. The special bonus, beside witnessing the marvel of an architecture that Burj Khalifa is, is the enthralling firework show right over the skyscraper.
  •  The Desert Safari In Dubai : As the weather is more comfortable, you have more choices in Dubai Desert Safari packages. You can try out the day Safari as well and enjoy the magnificence of the vast desert and do exciting adventure activities like dune-bashing and sand-boarding.
  • You can also try out activities like snorkeling, parasailing, dolphin play, kayaking, etc.
  • Visit the outdoor amusement parks. This is an ideal time to spend time outdoors in Dubai. Check in to Dubai Miracle Garden and witness the miraculously beautiful and captivating blossoms all over, in the garden. You may also attend the creek park bird show or visit the butterfly garden. Each place here is more breathtaking than the other.


There are endless amazing attractions in Dubai and the name of Dubai itself is enough the spike up the excitement level in people. The city looks and feels all the more beautiful as the Christmas vibes set in, and the weather also becomes quite favorable, in the month of December. If you have plans for a Dubai trip, wait no more. Grab your tickets and head straight to have a magical vacation. You have all the reasons to do so.