Dinner Date at the Dhow Cruise On Valentine’s Day 2025 In Dubai!

A date of your dreams on the floating restaurant

With Valentine’s week around the corner, the craze of dinner dates is on the rise. While you might be bored with the regular candlelight dinners, you might be looking for some innovative dinner date ideas. Life is full of surprises and so should your dating life. Surprise your better half with a dinner date like never before. So, take your beloved on a dinner date at the “Floating Restaurants”. 

The Floating Restaurant Dinner Date

A floating restaurant? For real? Yes! There are many of them operating every day in the waters of Dubai. It is the Dhow cruises of Dubai, which host dinners, live music and traditional Egyptian ‘Tanoura’ dance performances. This place is a great possible surprise for your Valentine’s Day dinner plans. The dhow cruise dinner is going to give you a once in a lifetime dinner date experience.  Even in Dhow cruise dinner, you can choose the variant you wish to experience. The fun in all of them is equally amazing. 

Dubai Marina Dhow Cruise :

Dubai Marina is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Dubai. With the wide range of fun activities it offers, Marina is frequently visited by many tourists and locals. Experience the perfect balance of sophistication and traditional Arabian hospitality at the Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina. Enjoy delicious meals from international cuisines while taking in the views from the Marina environs. Marina skyline is one of the best place to enjoy an evening , one should definately try to enjoy on Yacht as well, we have organised a Valentine’s Day Yacht Party.

Dhow Cruise Dubai Creek :

If you wish to experience the traditional side of Dubai, the Dhow Cruise Dubai Creek is your date destination. Take your lad to the heritage era with modern comforts on a dhow cruise date at Dubai Creek. Experience the heritage sandstone buildings, enchanting bazaar and captivating views while you sail on the Creek waters. 

Dinner Cruise at Marina :

Lastly, welcome to the 125 ft tall glass houseboat where all your imagination for a perfect dinner date comes alive. This cruise offers double storeyed options, for which, you can pre-book your date and choose to dine at either of the decks. The multi-cuisine food here is served at a buffet. There are separate stalls for Salads and soups that serve yummy Arabian food and other cuisines. Additionally, live music and ‘Tanoura’ performances keep your evening lively. Thus, this Dinner cruise at Marina will be a date memory you and your partner will cherish forever. 


A Dhow cruise dinner or just a cruise dinner is the best date you can plan this Valentine’s. Make it hassle free with Travel Saga’s transportation services and book the tour of your choice. Make this dinner date your venue for proposal and see how magically it works. It makes the most emotional moment of your partner’s life with you, undoubtedly magical. 

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Q. What type of cuisine is served on the Dhow cruise dinner?

Dhow Cruise serves both international and local cuisines. A great variety of dishes are served in buffet style.

Q. Do they serve vegetarian meals at Dhow Cruise dinner?

Yes, the Dhow Cruise dinner buffet separately serves both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food options.

Q. Are kids allowed on the Dhow cruise?

Yes, Dhow Cruise has a family-friendly set up and caters for both kids and adults. Before booking your dhow cruise tour, confirm with individual providers for child policy.

Q. What is the dress code for the Dhow cruise dinner?

There’s no hard and fast clothing rule for Dhow Cruise.  Although, you should wear comfortable clothes as you are going to spend a couple of hours on the cruise.

Q. How long does the Dhow Cruise dinner last?

Generally, it takes approximately 2-3 hours to enjoy your Dhow Cruise tour. Apart from dinner, there are entertaining performances and live music as well. 

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