Capturing Forever: The Ultimate Guide to Proposing in Dubai’s Spectacular Setting| Valentine 2025

The beautiful city of Dubai is often considered the best place to propose your significant other. Depending on your preferences, Dubai has a wide range of escapades for proposals. From private yachts to outstanding views in the skies, from desert safari to hot air balloon rides. Also, get everything you need to make your day special.

Find a perfect place to propose in Dubai

To make this day memorable for you and your beau, you need to choose the perfect place. Think of something meaningful that describes your relationship. If you feel like you’re on cloud 9 when in love, then you may propose your partner in a Hot Air Ballon. Moreover, if you feel a sense of calmness with your partner, then you can choose a beach proposal to signify your love. If quality time is your love language then book a private cabana or choose a romantic restaurant with a view. 

Some of the restaurants which you can check out are:

Dubai’s Dazzling Delight: Finding the perfect ring for your partner

Dubai is a city synonymous with luxury. So, finding the perfect ring for your love should not be an issue. Consequently, Dubai is home to many brands and outlets. You can choose from some of those brands to purchase the right ring. 

So, here are some of the well known luxury brands you can consider buying from:

Capture the moment!

Don’t forget to capture this beautiful moment. Hire photographers who’ll secretly record your picture perfect moment in the enchanting city of Dubai. Additionally, there are many ways to hire a photographer, you can search on online platforms or you can contact local photography agencies in Dubai. Moving on, you can also try and get in touch with wedding planners or ask for recommendations from Emiratis. Additionally, you can contact Travel Saga to hire the best local photographers in Dubai.

Don’t forget to convey your idea for the proposal to the photographers and go over specifics like location, time, and any shots you have in mind. Also, before deciding, find out more about their availability, costs, and available packages. 

Final proposal

Proposing the love of your life can be a nerve-wracking experience. So, remember to breathe and rehearse what you want to say. By now, you’ve finalised the location, bought a ring, and hired the photographers, but there are some more things you need to remember. Thus, you need to consider cultural sensitivities and ensure your proposal honours and considers the customs of the region.

Verify Dubai’s legal standards for marriage proposals. Consequently, if you want to make your proposal in a public place, make sure you have all the required licences and authorisation.

Some suggested romantic places for proposal

Ain Wheel Projection

Ain Dubai (eye of Dubai) is the world’s tallest giant observation wheel located at Bluewaters Island in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. So, you can propose your partner at Bluewaters Island with special projections on the Ain wheel. It can be a beautiful way of expressing your love for your partner.

Drone Projection at the beach

Drone light shows are a great way to pop the question. Also, they have grown in popularity recently. Drone light shows can also be a fantastic addition to a private celebration, despite the common misconception that they belong only at large-scale events. Indeed, visitors can enjoy a stunning aerial show of lights and colours as a result of the enchanting ambience created by drones. 

A drone light display would be a fantastic addition to any outdoor event that you’re organising. Also, the most crucial element of the celebration is safety, and drone light shows are without a doubt a risk-free and environmentally friendly form of entertainment.

Al Quadra Lake

A few miles away from the busy city of Dubai, Al Quadra Lake’s quiet setting offers an oasis of peace. This enables a deeper level of connection between you and your partner, as well as setting up a private and romantic environment for your proposal.

Al Quadra Lake offers some privacy for your special day because it’s a comparatively calm and isolated location. By doing this, you and your partner will be able to completely appreciate the significance of the moment without being distracted. Thus, making the proposal more intimate and personal.

Abra Boat Ride

Imagine you and your boo in an Abra Boat (traditional wooden boat) crossing Dubai Creek. Surrounded by calm waters and magnificent views of the city you pop up the question! A simple, affordable yet romantic way to express your love to your partner.

It will undoubtedly give you an unforgettable Emirati experience. There are different types of Abras you can choose from. Such as the traditional Abra we see everywhere in Dubai is a motorised version of the actual Abra used back in time. Moreover, there are petrol run Abras that cost a little more than motorised ones. Moreover, there are Air Conditioned Abras in the Creek that have glass windows for observation and are bigger than the traditional ones. 

Private Proposals

To spend some time with your significant other it is recommended to opt for a private proposal rather than a public one. By doing so, you avoid the hassle of public proposals and cultural sensitivity. Private proposals are intimate and allow you to be your self without worrying about how the public will react to your open gesture. 

Furthermore, you can rent a private yacht, book a cabana at any restaurant, or get a private set up at beaches. 


Now you have the perfect guide to propose your beloved in Dubai. From choosing the perfect place to making sure you choose the perfect ring. Also, capturing the moment to finally proposing. As a result, proposing in Dubai allows you to experience romance, luxury and cultural richness all in one place. Thus, creating an unforgettable proposal story that you and your partner will cherish forever.

So book your Dubai City tour with Travel Saga right now!


Q. Can I propose my wife in Dubai?

Yes, you can definitely propose your wife in Dubai. Dubai being a cultural marvel offers various ways and places where you can propose your partner. 

Q. Are proposals expensive in Dubai?

The cost of proposals may vary depending on where and how you want to propose. Dubai offers a wide range of venues and activities for you to choose from. For example, hot air balloon city tour, desert safari, Burj Khalifa, helicopter tour, Dhow Cruise, and visiting theme parks or water parks. 

Q. What are some romantic restaurants in Dubai for proposals?

Some of the romantic restaurants which you can choose from are

  • Ossiano, Atlantis The Palm
  • CÉ LA VI, Address Sky View Hotel
  • Pierchic, Jumeirah Al Qasr
  • At.mosphere, Burj Khalifa
  • Mint Leaf, Dubai International Financial Centre
  • Billionaire Dubai, Taj Hotel

Q. Can I rent a private yacht in Dubai?

Yes, you can rent a private yacht in Dubai. Also, Travel Saga offers a range of yachts for you to rent.

Q. Where can I find a good ring in Dubai for my wife?

Mentioned below are some places where you can find luxury jewellery for your partner:

  • Tiffany and Co., Atlantis, The Palm
  • Harry Winston, Dubai Mall
  • Cartier, Dubai Mall 
  • Bvlgari, Mall of Emirates
  • Damas, Al Fahidi st or Deira st.
  • Malabar Gold & Diamonds, Meena Bazaar

Q. Can I propose to my girlfriend in the air?

Yes, you can propose to your girlfriend in the air in a Hot Air Balloon. Check out our website for available packages.

Q. Where can I hire photographers for my proposal in Dubai?

You can hire photographers in Dubai either from an online platform or try finding photographers on social media. Moreover, you can ask wedding planners and local photographers.

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