Burjuman Mall, Dubai: The shopper’s paradise

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The Royal Emirate of Dubai is popular for its grandeur and opulence. It is one of the favourite tourist destinations in the world. Tourists from all over the world visit Dubai to experience the ultimate luxury and princely treatment it offers. Apart from the major tourist attractions and the iconic skyline, Dubai also houses some of the world’s best shopping malls. The world’s largest shopping mall is the Dubai Mall which is nestled in the heart of Dubai City. 

About Burjuman Mall

One of the oldest malls in Dubai is the Burjuman Mall. It is situated in the Bur Dubai area and is well known for its retail therapy and family friendly activities. It houses more than 300 shops and numerous dining and entertainment options. Inside the Burjuman Mall, lies a world of luxury, entertainment, and culture waiting to be explored. In short, the mall is a shopaholic’s paradise with numerous brands and local shops. Some popular brands include Aldo, Ardene, MAC, Omega, Charles and Keith, Calvin Klein, Gucci, Beverly Hills Polo Club, Bath & Body Works and several other international brands. You can shop from all your favourite brands from around the world at a single destination. 

Things to do near Burjuman Mall

Once you complete your shopping and entertainment activities at Burjuman Mall, there are plenty of things in Dubai that you would love to experience. Here’s a list of places you should visit near Burjuman Mall:

Activities to do other than shopping

There are other things that you can indulge in after shopping or other than shopping. You can engage in family friendly activities at these two places in the Burjuman Mall:

  • VOX Cinemas-  Enjoy an entertaining movie at this 14 screener multiplex. One should spend a fun day out with family and friends here watching the latest movies. 
  • Magic Planet- This is an amusement park that offers an array of family friendly activities, rides and games to bond with your family. So, have fun with your closed ones and indulge in adventure activities at Magic Planet. 

A Glimpse into Luxury

As you enter Burjuman Mall, you are greeted by an aura of sophistication and elegance. Moreover, the mall’s classy architecture, decked up with shimmering glass and intricate designs, gives you an unforgettable shopping experience. From world class fashion boutiques to popular international brands, BurJuman Mall has something for everyone. From outfits to accessories, you’ll be spoiled for choice as this place has numerous luxury options for everything. 

Retail Therapy

With over 300 shopping outlets, Burjuman Mall is heaven for shopaholics. It offers diverse collections from brands to designer boutiques and local collections. The mall houses a diverse collection of offerings, ensuring there’s something for everyone. Whether you’re up for a shopping spree or exploring the latest collections, BurJuman Mall promises an amazing encounter with luxury and style.

Dining at the Burjuman Mall

Other than shopping, entertainment and other family friendly adventures, Burjuman Mall offers a delightful gastronomic experience as well. With a wide spread food court offering delicious delicacies from different cuisines, Burjuman is a paradise for the foodies as well. Burjuman Mall has somewhere around 50 dining outlets. At last, from gourmet restaurants serving international & Emirati cuisines to cosy cafes for a coffee break, the mall caters to every palate.

Cultural Oasis:

With its modern and luxurious ambience, BurJuman Mall also pays tribute to Dubai’s rich cultural heritage. The mall’s stunning architecture blends modern designs with traditional Arabic elements, creating an ambience that reflects the city’s vibrant spirit. Art installations, cultural exhibitions, and live performances further enrich the cultural colours of BurJuman Mall.


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