Flying Without Wings: Exploring the Magic of iFLY Dubai

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Is Sky Diving on your bucket list? Are you scared of jumping out of a plane? But what if we tell you you can try skydiving without jumping out of a plane? Don’t worry Travel Saga is here to fulfill your wishes. 

At iFLY Dubai you can have an experience of indoor skydiving. You can feel the thrill of skydiving without the risk of jumping out of an aeroplane. The best part is everyone in your family can try out this experience. iFLY Dubai is an indoor skydiving centre in the City Centre Mirdif. Here, you can get the experience of skydiving but in a controlled environment. 

So now its the time to book your iFly Dubai Tickets.

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What is Indoor Skydiving?

Indoor skydiving in Dubai is carried out in a controlled, safe environment where you can simply float on a cushion of air in large, circular wind tunnels. Heavy gusts of wind are pushed vertically upwards through these tunnels, where you’re held up by gusts of wind, making it seem like you’re flying.

Reasons to try Indoor Skydiving

Skydiving is the closest experience you can have to flying. However, everyone is not ready to jump off the plane, which is why indoor skydiving is the coolest experience. There are many benefits of indoor skydiving. So, here are a few reasons why you should get this experience.

It’s much Safer

A lot of people want to try skydiving, but don’t try it because of fear. It’s a safer sport where accidents are generally minor. Additionally, instructors and trainers are always there to guide you. There’s no falling, no jumping. 

Kids can try it Too

We are always looking for a fun and family friendly activity, and this activity is a must try. It is an adventure activity that kids can also try. Kids as young as 3 years old can get this skydiving experience.

The Feeling of Flying is Amazing

There’s no jumping, no parachute, it’s just you flying in the air. With amazing technology and the guidance of experts, you can quickly master the art of skydiving. 

It’s Indoors

You don’t have to worry about the weather ruining your perfect plans, as it is indoors. So, no matter if it’s windy, rainy, or super hot there’s no stopping you.  

Is it worth it?

Definitely YES! There is certainly nothing else like it in the world. Here, you’ll get the experience of a free fall without even going on a plane. Moreover, you can feel the rush of wind beneath you. It’s a family friendly experience, which is safe for all ages.    

Other Adventure Activities to try out in Dubai

Dubai is a popular destination to try out adventure activities. So, while you are in the city you can try out many adventure activities like water sports in Dubai, desert activities, and other activities. Some of the most famous adventure activities are mentioned below: 

  • Jet Skiing– A popular adventure sport, which you can enjoy at the serene beaches. You can enjoy the views of Burj Al Arab, while jet skiing. The activity is available for 30 or 60 minutes, depending on the package you choose. 
  • Scuba Diving– The city of Dubai has so much to offer, so if you want to explore the marine life, go on an awesome scuba diving adventure. 
  • Desert activity- While going on a desert safari Dubai, you can try multiple adventure activities like dune bashing, quad biking, and sand boarding.
  • Skiing at Ski Dubai- Ski Dubai located at Mall of Emirates, where you can go for snow based adventure activities like skiing. 

So, if you’re looking for an adventure experience with your whole family, then go for indoor skydiving at iFLY Dubai. Book your tickets for this indoor skydive in Dubai. Connect with Travel Saga to book your tickets now.