Kite Beach Dubai: An Ideal Picnic Destination

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Planning a trip to Dubai and finding the ideal Dubai travel package is common among travellers, but there is one thing you should not overlook – some of Dubai’s most popular beaches, including Kite Beach.  As we know, Dubai is an extravagant city in the United Arab Emirates that is well-known among visitors for its beaches, which offer plenty of activities.  You can also partake in some of Dubai’s popular water sports at Kite Beach, making it one of the most famous beaches in Dubai where you and your children can have a great time. Kite Beach is one of Dubai’s most popular beaches, perfect for sunbathers, adventure and sports enthusiasts, as well as food lovers. Let’s know more about it with Travel Saga Tourism!

Watersports Activities at Kite Beach in Dubai

If you are looking to test your abilities, Kite Beach Dubai is certainly the ideal location, as it provides opportunities to try water sports like kitesurfing, stand-up paddle boarding, and wakeboarding in Dubai which you will find thrilling. 

These adventurous activities will bring out your inner adrenaline junkie. Situated near the Jumeirah district, Kite Beach has top-notch gear that is readily available to rent right there on the beach. You can also play beach volleyball at Kite Dubai.  

The beach has a friendly atmosphere and is surrounded by attractive scenery and tranquillity. The casual vibe is fantastic and will give you stunning views of the Burj Al Arab.

Sceneries From The Kite Beach Dubai

The Jumeirah Open Beach is a great spot if you like going for walks or jogging by the water. There is a 14-kilometre track that hugs the sand, perfect for running or strolling. From there, you get beautiful ocean views of the iconic Burj Al Arab Hotel at Palm Jumeirah. New lighting allows swimming from sunrise to sunset, with lifeguards present 24/7.  

You’ll find casual eateries along the beach serving snacks and light bites. Don’t miss the delicious mini burgers and famous lotus milkshake – ideal for satisfying your taste buds.

For a full beach day experience, you can buy a pass from Sole Mio. This gives you access to comfy beach chairs and food delivery from nearby restaurants.

Kite Beach Dubai Tickets Booking 

Just like any other beach, there is no entrance fee to visit Kite Beach in Dubai, so you can enjoy the beach at no cost. However, if you want to take advantage of all the amenities like sun loungers and other features, you can purchase the Kite Beach Dubai Pass from Travel Saga Tourism for convenient access to everything the beach has to offer.

How To Reach Kite Beach Dubai?

An important question to ask is how one can get to Kite Beach. Let’s examine the different transportation options available to reach this destination. 

Metro: For those without a car who prefer not to take the bus, the Dubai Metro is a possibility. Take the red line on the Dubai Metro and get off at Mashreq Metro Station 1. Afterwards, go to the Mashreq Metro Bus Stop and board bus line 81, which will bring you directly to Kite Beach.  

Bus: Alternatively, you can take the bus rather than the metro. The bus stops closest to Kite Beach are Manara and Enoc 1 and 2. Bus line 81 stops at both these locations, requiring just a 5-minute walk from there to reach Kite Beach.

Car: If driving is your preference, head southwest on Sheikh Zayed Road until you get to Al Thanya Street/D61 where there will be signs directing you to Kite Beach. When you arrive, find an appropriate place to park your car.

Other Attractions In Dubai

There are some other interesting places to visit in Dubai in addition to Kite Beach. 

So beyond the beaches, explore Dubai’s iconic architectural marvels and sights with Travel Saga Tourism.

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