11 Best Camping Places in Abu Dhabi

A renowned tourist spot filled with unknown history, ancient culture, and endless eye-soothing views, Abu Dhabi is unquestionably the perfect holiday destination. Apart from some most famous tours in abu dhabi such like Desert safari in Abu dhabi, theme parks visit ,It is suitable for those who seek adventure everywhere they go. Camping is yet another popular activity that you should not miss here. Imagine sitting under the starlit sky, with barbeque and bonfire, and your friends or family. Isn’t it better than spending on costly hotel rooms? With so many camping sites spread across the city, you will get endless options like beachside camping, desert camping, or even luxury camping.

Camping is a common activity to try in Dubai; however, it is better to plan everything beforehand. Abu Dhabi has a lot to offer to the campers. You will either get free camping sites or paid ones. The best time to go camping is during the winter months (November to March). Let us check out some popular camping spots in Abu Dhabi.

Best Camping Places in Abu Dhabi

AGBS Fossil Dune Camping

Get away from the cacophony of the Abu Dhabi City Tour and travel to the Arabian desert. Lose yourself amidst the marvelous views of the desert. Luckily, this part of Abu Dhabi is still a virgin area and is indeed a gift of nature. Once you visit here, you will definitely love the untouched beauty of the place. The bizarre shapes and sizes of the rocks became possible due to the constant work of art by wind and sand. Come here with your friends or family to spend a few hours with them and make unforgettable memories. You have to carry food, water, and other essential things since these are not available.

Location- Al-Wathba South- Abu Dhabi

Tristar Camp

It is a private camping site maintained by Tristar itself. You will get some quality accommodation options for camping. The Tristar Camp is away from the main city. Thus, you can expect to get calm surroundings and clean amenities. Due to the welcoming environment and the latest amenities, the camping site turned out to be the most-loved Abu Dhabi tourist attraction. Indulge in the fun of exploring the outdoors without the headache of setting up your own camp.

Location- Tristar- Abu Dhabi

Al Wathba Desert

A thirty minutes away camping site from Abu Dhabi, Al Wathba Desert is perfect for those; who are new to camping and don’t want to invest a lot for the same. The peaceful surrounding will give you a relaxed and laid-back environment. Witness the most spectacular sunset and feel the tranquillity in the atmosphere. Don’t forget to check out the wetlands when you return home the next day.

Location- Al Wathba- Abu Dhabi

Al Jaber Camp Prefab

You must have heard about the Al Jaber Group’s apartment complexes. Yes, they provide some of the mind-blowing camping facilities in Abu Dhabi as well. The camp is situated amidst the desert covered by sand dunes. Coming to its facilities, all of them are absolutely marvelous. Come outside to praise the unmatched beauty of nature. Take a break from daily activities and enjoy the real flavor of the Arabian lifestyle. As it is a camping site, you will meet guests and make friends. Enjoy the adventurous experience of camping with Al Jaber.

Location- Al Jaber, Abu Dhabi

Al Saadiyat Labor Camp

If you are particular about finding a clean and serene camping space, Al Saadiyat is definitely the right place for you. It is different from other camping sites in Abu Dhabi and will offer you a friendly and hospitable feel. The blue sky and tranquil surrounding make everything perfect here. What’s more? The 360o view of the desert, eye catchy sunset, and modern facilities make these labour camps perfect to spend quality time with your loved ones.

Location- Al Saadiyat- Abu Dhabi

Empty Quarter

Another beautiful camping site of Abu Dhabi, the Empty Quarter is close to the Saudi Arab borders. Empty Quarter is the massive sand desert, and you will find many spots meant for camping and tent set up. Spread across 100,000 sqm, across Emirates, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, and Oman, Empty Quarter is an open space for those who love quad biking and dune bashing. Wait for the sun to set so that you can enjoy the impeccable beauty of stargazing while having a BBQ dinner with your loved ones.

Location- Rub Al Khali Desert

Liwa Oasis

The famous Liwa Oasis is the home to the attractive Moreeb Dunes and is perfect for those who especially love desert camping. Moreeb Dunes look is a moon-shaped oasis that stretches up to 100 km on the northern side of Abu Dhabi. This area is also famous for farming as well as dairy production. Besides, you will come to know how people in the city outskirts lead a simple lifestyle. You can either live in the village or choose an outskirt area. Set out on a village tour nearby or spend some time in the dunes; there are endless activity options here.

Nujum Camp

A paradise for all the campers, the Nujum Camp will give you the true essence of camping in the desert. Nujum Camp belongs to Anantara’s Qasr Al Sarab Desert Resort. Although two to three days is enough to enjoy the camping experience, you can take extra days to make things more interesting. Some popular activities to try here include morning desert safari, sandboarding, camel rides in the daytime and barbeque nights, and delicious Bedouin food at night.

Arabian Nights Desert Camp

One of the best camping spaces in Abu Dhabi, the Arabian Nights Desert Camp is a family-friendly camping spot. Come here with your friends or family to enjoy some interesting desert activities (hammam baths, quad biking, desert safari, and indulging in scrumptious Bedouin food).

Al Dhafra Desert

A popular camping spot is present on Al Dhafra Beach, and is definitely different than desert camping. Being a beach camping zone, you can lay on the beach, soak in sun or bathe in salty water. Don’t forget to catch a glimpse of turtles or adorable marine animals. Many water sports are practiced here, like snorkeling and deep-sea diving. This campsite offers scrumptious seafood.

Mirfa Beach

The serene beach waves and turquoise blue water are something that you will love at Mirfa Beach. A perfect escape from the busy life and hustle and bustle of the city, Mirfa Beach can give you some cherishing camping memories. Make sure to bring your camping materials before you come here.

You can also go for other exciting adventures in Abu Dhabi like Ferrari World, Warner Bros., Yas Waterworld, etc.

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