The Heaven of Peace: Quranic Park in Dubai

Quranic Park

Irrespective of your religious beliefs, Quranic Park in Dubai offers a great positive aura that you may want to experience along with learning about some rich cultural and religious diversity, and the architectural influence of Islam. Botany enthusiasts and nature lovers will feel at home in the Quranic Park. If you are a person with a deep belief in Islam, or maybe just a person who prioritises peace, the Quranic Park in Dubai is a must visit place for you.

Discovering the Beauty of Quranic Park:

The Quranic Park in Dubai is a place that symbolises and teaches lessons from the Holy Quran. This place, though located in the vibrant city of Dubai, is an oasis of tranquillity. The Quranic Park is a treasure of nature’s blessings and the rich heritage of Islam.

Quranic Park is spread over an area of 64 ha. which is mainly divided into four Attractions:

  • The Cave of Miracles 
  • the Glass House 
  • the Lake  
  • the Gardens

1.Cave of Miracles: 

The Cave of Miracles is a stunning place that houses engaging and interactive technology to learn about Islam’s history and the prophets’ lives. It is a beautiful imitation of old age caves. The Cave of Miracles gives a glimpse of the 7 miracles mentioned in the Quran. Well supplied with natural and artificial light, the cave is surely the most interactive and educational part of the Quranic Park.

2. The Glasshouse / The Green House:

The Glass house is an artificial green house that favours the growth of plants from different places in the world. This place is of great botanical importance. Botany enthusiasts must visit this section of the park for knowledge and a better understanding of sacred flora. The plants referring to the Holy Quran are grown here with their names and context.

3. The Lake:

The Lake is one of the top Dubai tourist places which was by dredging Jebel Ali Port. This lake also symbolises an event from the Quran. Since the opening of the Quranic Park in 2009, the Lake has attracted many tourists from around the world. The lake is split in two, with a beautiful walkway in between that allows visitors to take beautiful pictures and immortalise the memories of your Dubai Trip.

4. The Orchards: 

There are several gardens with many plant species spread across the Quranic Park. Also, there is a desert garden amongst them. Furthermore, these human-made trees are charged by sunlight making them a unique version of solar trees. The sustainable model allows electricity for the gold Arabic calligraphy engraved on these trees informing about the gardens. Also, there are 12 orchards in the park with around 57 plant species mentioned in the holy book.

Activities to enjoy at Quranic Park

The Quranic Park has a walkway and area for cycling that you can enjoy while breathing in the freshness of lush greenery of the gardens. There are solar power trees and kiosks that have Arabic calligraphy inscribed on them, giving information about plants and trees, and holy teachings.

Anyone with the will to visit this peaceful park can enter the park for free. There is, however, a minimal entry fee of around 10-15 AED in the park to visit the Cave of Miracles and the Glasshouse. There, you can enter with your NOL card which you can recharge at the recharge stations in the Park. This entry is free for children under the age of 6 and people of determination. The operating hours of the Quranic Park are 9 AM to 9 PM. During the holy month of Ramadan, the park opens after sunset. So, Ramadan is the best time to visit the Quranic Park in Dubai !

Dubai: a Wonderful Tourist Destination

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1. What are the entry charges for Quranic Park?

The entry to the Quranic Park is completely free. However, there is a minimal entry fee for the Cave of Miracles and the Glasshouse. So, one can expect to spend around 10-15 AED at the Quranic Park.

 2.What are the operating hours of the Quranic Park? 

The Quranic park remains open from 9 AM to 9 PM. However, during the holy month of Ramadan, the park opens after sunset. 

3. Can non-Muslims visit the Quranic Park?

Yes indeed, the Quranic Park has free entry for everyone irrespective of their religious beliefs.

4. How to reach the Quranic Park in Dubai?

Bus routes 11A and 11B stops are closest to Quranic Park, you have to walk for 20 minutes to reach the destination from the bus stops. Also, the Centre Point metro station on the Red Line is close to Quranic Park, from there you can take a taxi to reach the park. Additionally, book your private Transportation Service in Dubai with Travel Saga now!

5.Are there any snacking and food options in or near the Quranic Park?

Yes, you can have some tasty snacks and coffee at One Coffee House in the Quranic Park. You can also bring food along to have a family picnic at the park. The Last Exit Al-Khawaneej is a popular pitstop for foodies in the area.