Nizwa Fort Oman

There is no doubt that the Nizwa Fort is one of the most interesting places to visit while in Oman. Situated not far from Muscat, Nizwa can be considered to be a well-known tourist destination at present. Your journey to this fort will begin by driving via the Hajar mountains. It’ll be possible to get a wonderful view of this fort along with some historical structures after reaching Nizwa. All these historic buildings had been constructed during the 17th century. Let us find out more details regarding the Nizwa Fort in the subsequent paragraphs.

About Nizwa Fort, Oman

History of Nizwa Fort

As already mentioned, this particular fort was built during the 17th century by Sultan Bin Saif Al Yarubi. It took 12 years to complete the construction. On the other hand, it was Imam Al Sult bin Malik Al Kharusi who was accountable for constructing the castle part of this fort mentioned here.

The Inside of the Fort

We all know this fort because of its huge round tower meant to safeguard it from any foreign conquest. It is a fact that this fort along with the tower was constructed at a time when it was possible to gain access to gunpowder in Oman. As a result, it is quite natural that there are many open spaces in the fort to place canons. Moreover, you will also come across some conventional defensive mechanisms in this region such as provisions for pouring hot water from above the doors to demolish the enemy.

This particular establishment located in Nizwa depicts an example of the defensive structure of this place for safeguarding it in the best possible way. The location of the Nizwa Fort happens to be on top of an underground stream which implies that there were provisions for the supply of safe and clean water at all times. Moreover, there were enough provisions for food and supplies in the cellars as well. It was not possible to poison the 4 wells located within the fort from outside in the event of a siege. After completing the inside journey in the fort, it’s time to go for some relaxing activities.

Other Details

The diameter of the huge tower is 45 m and its height is 34 m. Build to support gunnery attacks. Moreover, its foundation was able to endure the power of gunshots since the earth was used for filling it. Besides, a water-filled mote was there for surrounding the entire fort and one could enter it only through a bridge. There were a couple of main gates in this structure that were fortified with iron spikes as well. “Murder Holes” were there to safeguard the remaining doors that will surely catch the interest of any person who is visiting here.

Here, you will come across many exhibits that will provide you with knowledge regarding life in the establishment. The good thing is that all these explanations have images, drawings, and maps for you to understand things better. It’ll be possible to comprehend the location of the defensive elements with the help of this map.

Various performances such as dancing, singing, as well as Omani music take place in this fort on the weekends much to the delight of the tourists. Furthermore, you will also come across some food stations where snacks are present to satisfy your taste buds. Apart from that, you can also go on the Musandam Oman tour to experience swimming, snorkelling and many other adventurous activities.

Other interesting things to see

While you are at Nizwa Fort, there is no doubt that you will have a great memorable experience. For example, here you will have a solid idea regarding the historical background of Indigo. Moreover, it is also possible to get a view of the face masks that you will find in some rural areas in the Middle East at present. Also, there is the storeroom for dates right here where you will find collections of date juice.


This fort will be open to the public from 9 AM to 4 PM every day apart from Fridays. Incidentally, it is open from 8 AM to 11 AM on Friday at present. One needs to pay approximately 5 rials for every person if he wants to enter the fort. However, one should make sure to wear a conservative dress without exposing the shoulders. This will apply to both males as well as females.

How to reach

  • One needs to drive for approximately 90 minutes to reach Nizwa from Muscat. You can opt for transportation services with Travel Saga.
  • The distance between Nizwa and Sur happens to be 3 hours and a 15-minute drive on the road, you can also rent a car to reach the location.


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