Naif Museum

Naif Museum

Dubai is a magical city with a distinct charm and your visit to this city would not be complete without a visit to  Naif Museum. If you have heard that Dubai is nothing more than shopping and eating at fancy restaurants, we are ready to change that myth so that you get the true picture. The museum very beautifully showcases the history of the UAE. This place was a police station in the early days. You will also get a good idea of the activities of the army and police. Are you eager to know more about this place? Well, keep reading…

History Of Naif Museum

This museum was initially a fort situated in Deira. In the olden days, this was a fort along with a jail in it. This was turned into a museum in the year 1997 by none other than Sheikh Mohammed. Over the years this has become a popular destination for tourists.

Things To Do In The Naif Museum

The good thing about this museum is that you will have the opportunity to learn a lot about the security measures of Dubai. Here are some things you can do in the museum and its surrounding area.

The Library

If you consider books as your favorite companions then this library will be nothing short of a haven for you. The library is also known as Hor al Anz. This place has some of the rarest books. You will find both fiction and non-fiction books written by prominent writers.


This is one amazing place where you will get to view the entire skyline of Dubai. This joint serves amazing drinks and the food menu is good too. You spend some lazy hours here and click pictures of the mesmerizing view.

Market Near The Waterfront

After you have finished visit ting the museum you can go to this waterfront market. The market is known mostly for its exhaustive stock of fish. The market has a total of 45 stalls. If you are a cooking enthusiasts then you can also look at the section that sells beef and lamb. They also sell it at an affordable prices. Do check out some of the spices.

When Should You Visit The Naif Museum?

The museum has air conditioner, so you can visit it any time of the year. Also, the museum is on the second level of the Hotel Radisson Creek. The museum stays open from 12 in the afternoon till 3 pm. Then it opens again at 7 in the evening at and closes at 2 am. If you do not want to brush shoulders with too many people then you could visit after 8 at night or you can also visit our Museum of Future in Dubai

What is the Naif Museum Entry Fee?

The museum does not charge any entry fee.


  • Sikkath Al Khail Road Naif Opp Hyatt Regency Hotel – Dubai – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

How to Reach?

Here is the map address that you assist you to reach the museum:

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