Jebel Shams in Oman – Things to Do, How to Reach

Love the mountains? Great, maybe you should consider visiting Jebel Shams, which is located in Oman. This is known to be the tallest mountain in Oman and it is a popular tourist attraction. This place is very beautiful and it is very calm and quiet, it has a healing effect on tourists. Do you want to know more about this place? Well, keep reading as we reveal all the details.

Why Should You Visit Jebel Shams?

If you love hiking and biking on mountains then this is one mountain you should consider conquering. The mountain measures 3,009 meters in height. You will not be allowed to the top of the mountain as it is military territory. You can take a road and reach a plateau from where you can get a fabulous view of the surroundings. The terrain on this mountain is quite dry. This place is perfect if you want to combine hiking and photography together.

Some Vital Information On Jebel Shams

Where is it located?

This mountain can be found in the Northern part of Oman. From Muscat, the mountain is a 3-hour drive. This mountain is not hard to find as it is very popular. Check our Musandam Oman tour details here that cover several places which are mentioned here.

Approach Tour Operators

There are many travel agencies that offer Dubai tour packages to this place. If you do not feel like driving there, no problem you can take guided tours, and also you can enjoy an overnight stay at Muscat.

The ideal time to visit this Place

The good thing is that this place is ideal for visiting throughout the year, but if you want to encounter comfortable temperatures then you should visit during the cooler months. If you want to view a beautiful sunset then you should visit during the evening, the sight is a treat for the eyes.

Things to do at this place


As we have already pointed out this place is the ideal location to go hiking. The route is moderately challenging, you and your friends are going to have a lot of fun.


If you love watching the night sky then you are going to enjoy indulging in stargazing. Do take a portable telescope as you will get a proper view of the constellation. If you wish to visit when the sky is clear then you should visit anytime between April to October.


There is no doubt that you will have a terrific camping experience at this place. The view at night and during the day is fabulous. You can simply set up your tents, light a campfire, and enjoy with your friends. If you are visiting during the winter months you must take a couple of sweatshirts and blankets to keep warm.


This is not just an ordinary tall mountain, this place is actually scenic. You will encounter a beautiful place called Nizwa Fort and then you will come across Al Hoota Cave and then Misfat Al Abrieen. You will see houses made of mud and this will give you an idea of the lifestyle of the people during ancient times.

Where to stay for an overnight trip?

Well, if you plan to stay at Jebel Shams during the night and you are not keen on camping, then you can stay at Jebel Shams Resort.

Jebel Shams Resort

This is located on the plateau and from here you can get a fabulous view of the entire mountain range. The rooms are really spacious and you will get a buffet breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The Wi-Fi connection is decent. The service at this hotel is quite friendly and prompt.

Jebel Shams Vs Jebel Akhdar?

I mean, that’s tough to answer, it totally depends on what you are looking for. Both places are very beautiful, but Jebel Akhdar gives you a very different view.

How To Reach?

You can reach the mountain on a 4-wheel drive or you can rent a car. Towards the end, about 7 kilometers of the road is unpaved and may be bumpy. The road is not very tough to drive on. It’s better to get in touch with renowned tour operators in Dubai like us who will take off the entire trip.

Things to Keep in Mind Before Going to Jebel Shams

  • During the summer months the place can be very hot so be sure to carry sunglasses, hats, and apply sunscreen.
  • If you are on a hiking trip with your friends then you should carry a camera, food, and lots of water.
  • You will also come across many local shops there selling a variety of souvenir items.
  • If you are unsure about traveling there alone, then you could sign up for a guided tour.
  • For the winter you must carry warm clothes and suitable camping gear if you plan to come out during the night.

Wrapping Up

So, this is all the information you need to know about this place. Now is the right time for you to get your friends together and start planning a trip soon. I can tell you that your trip here will be a memorable one and do not be surprised if you are back there for a second time, the place is known to have this effect on travelers. You can connect with Travel Saga Tourism to book your tours with us.

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