Emirates National Auto Museum

Emirates National Auto Museum

The Emirates National Auto Museum happens to be one of the most interesting places to visit in Abu Dhabi, and an impressive assortment of vehicles is displayed right here. Believe it or not but it is the largest, costliest, and counted among the oldest private car collections. It is possible for an individual to spend the whole day at this museum simply by feasting his eyes on the vehicles right here.

Emirates National Auto Museum

Overview of the Emirates National Auto Museum

It is a fact that this museum is full of Abu Dhabi city attractions for tourists including a massive Jeep and a jumbo jet. More than 200 vehicles are being showcased right here comprising American classics and off-road vehicles.

The highlight of this area happens to be the collection of as many as 7 Mercedes 500s SELs having the colors of the rainbow which were purchased in the year 1983 by Sheikh Hamad. Each particular vehicle in this series is reserved and displayed on a specific day respectively.

Apart from this, you will also come across a steam-powered Mercedes which happens to be the oldest vehicle that was manufactured in the year 1885. There is also the largest truck on the planet along with the most recent glass-encased SUVs that are worth mentioning as well.

Here, we like to mention that one can also stop at the Liwa Oasis Museum where one will come across custom-made vehicles along with military cars. It will be possible for the children to mount the military vehicle structures and one of them also comes with a golfing range. Among the other vehicles that are on display, mention may be made of a caravan with a house having the shape of a globe, a Lamborghini 4*4, a yellow taxi cab, tanks, a Red Cross vehicle, and an NYPD vehicle.

Apart from racing cars and prototypes, the museum consists of European and American limousines from the 50s and 70s. There is likewise an oversized Willy Jeep holding a Guinness world record.

Highlights of the Emirates National Auto Museum

  • It was Sheikh Hamad bin Hamdan Al Nahyan who founded this museum and he is called the “Rainbow Sheikh” due to his assortment of more than 200 colorful vehicles.
  • It is possible for the visitors to take the help of a guide while touring the museum, or they can also explore themselves by making use of an iPad provided to them by the authorities.
  • The location of museum is on a private island, and one can only reach there by helicopter ride Dubai or 4×4.
  • This museum displays an extensive range of vehicles from contemporary to classic, consisting of a Lamborghini, a Ferrari, and a Rolls Royce Ghost.
  • Here, you will likewise come across a number of interactive exhibits which is ideal for both children as well as adults.
  • The location of the museum is in a military bunker which helps to safeguard it from the elements.
  • The collection of the museum consists of vehicles from different parts of the globe ranging from American muscle vehicles to classic British versions.

Insider Tips

  • This renowned museum which is situated in Abu Dhabi displays an assortment of more than 200 classic and vintage vehicles. Every car enthusiast must make it a point to pay a visit to this museum while they are in Abu Dhabi.
  • In case you like to avoid crowds, then make sure to arrive early. The opening time of the museum happens to be 10 AM, and you should make it a point to arrive at least 30 minutes beforehand to avoid the crowd.
  • Do not make any haste while exploring the museum since there are many things to see right here. Be prepared to have enough time in hand for exploring everything in the museum.
  • The museum has been divided into segments showcasing different types of vehicles which will allow you to spend some time knowing the evolution and history of the cars being displayed here.
  • It will be advisable for you to take the help of the audio guide here as well. The guide is provided by the museum authorities in various languages for the convenience of the tourists.
  • Make sure to take some photographs while you are in the museum. It will be a good idea to preserve the memories of the museum so that you can bring them back in the future.

Additional info

  • The visitors are not allowed to take any photographs inside the museum.
  • Even though you will not come across any restaurants or cafés on site, you will be able to bring drinks and food items along with you right here.
  • Basic facilities such as Wi-Fi, air-conditioning, washrooms, and toilet are obtainable on-site.

How to reach the museum

It is a fact that the location of the Emirates National Auto Museum is somewhat on the outskirts of the city proper. However, it is feasible to connect the museum with the city due to its location on the highway.

It will be a sensible idea to rent a car or hire a taxi so as to reach here. Otherwise, one can likewise take the help of the Metro.

Best time to visit the museum

It will be advisable for you to visit the Emirates National Auto Museum early in the morning. This will help you to avoid the crowd and you will also be able to appreciate the vehicles displayed here from close.

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