The Dubai Fountain

The Dubai Fountain is the favourite tourist destination in Dubai.  We all know Dubai to be a blissful location that has lots of places to explore for tourists. The Dubai Fountain happens to be one of them that you must not miss while you are in Dubai. It will provide lots of excitement for the visitors, thanks to the exceptional display of music, light, and water. This fountain will become more interesting once the sun goes down. The lights coming from the surrounding skyscrapers will make the place glitter all the while.

Dubai Fountain Overview

The primary attraction happens to be the music fountain located on the human-made lake at Burj Khalifa. Additionally, the fountain’s tranquil beaches will provide you with complete peace of mind, which will compel you to stay longer. Savouring the wonderful nightlife of Dubai at Dubai Fountain Boardwalk puts it at the top of your list.

Features of the Dubai Fountain

  1. An outstanding display of innovativeness and engineering lies behind the spectacular brilliance of the Dubai Fountain. It turned out to be amongst the most sought-after photography sites in Dubai after it was illuminated for the first time in 2009. It will be feasible for the tourists to enjoy the striking visual spectacle of light, water, and music all through the night while they are in the city.
  2. The Dubai Fountain covers an area of over 30 acres and extends across Burj Lake. Designed by one of the most well-known companies in California, WET Company, the fountain will provide a fantastic experience for tourists. During the performances of the light, water, and music more than 22,000 gallons of water will be used to mesmerize the visitors. The water will go as high as 500 feet which happens to be the same as the height of a building that is 50 stories high.
  3. There will be an unending number of configurations and colours that will illuminate the fountain. Music and water jets will sync to an enchanting lighting system having more than 6,000 coloured projectors and superlights that will make the tourists spellbound.

Things to do at Dubai Fountain

1. The Waterfront

The waterfront situated outside the Dubai Mall happens to be one of the most well-known sites to see right here. There is a lot of crowd in this area before the commencement of the performance. Additionally, most shoppers come out of the Dubai Mall to feast their eyes on the splendour of the Dubai Fountain.

It will be a good idea to arrive early at this place if you want to experience the proceedings from the front row.

2. Musical Fountain Shows

The dancing fountain of the Dubai Mall provides different types of meticulously selected tunes of music that range from Arabic to classical music. Emaar, the premier real estate development business, is responsible for making the selection process right here.

Lots of enchanting light and musical shows are provided by the Dubai Fountain which has received lots of praise from tourists, and it is suggested for you not to overlook the fountain while visiting Dubai on your subsequent vacation.

Many tourists have voted the Dubai Fountain to be the most interesting tourist spot in the city thanks to its closeness to most of the best points of interest in Dubai. There is hardly any doubt that it has become a well-known landmark in Dubai right now for visitors arriving here from different parts of the globe.

3. Wooden Boat Ride

It will be a great idea to experience the wonderful performances of the Dubai Fountain from the boat rather than standing outside. This will help you to get a glimpse of the show from a close distance. Make sure to go for a 30-minute tour while riding on a wooden boat which will allow you to savor the most well-known landmarks and enchanting colors while listening to wonderful music as well. Try the Banana boat ride in case you love the thrilling rides.

4. Dancing Fountain Passage

This passage is located across the fountain and is actually a floating platform. If you like to stay away from the crowd, then make sure to capture the photographs of the laser shows of the Dubai Fountain after going to the spectacular promenade. The walkway happens to be 272 m in length and is situated at a distance of only 9 m.

5. Music Show

Water jets are pumped by the Dubai Fountain into the air up to a height of 240 ft. and these are escorted by enchanting Arabic musical performances. Moreover, there are also other types of international music here as well.

What is the Dubai Fountain show’s timing?

  • The evening performance will operate from 6 pm to 11 pm every day at the interval of every half an hour and it will last 5 minutes.
  • Daily performances will also be at 1 pm and 1:30 pm.
  • Daily show commences at 1:30 pm and 2 pm on Fridays.

From what locations can you watch the performances of the Dubai Fountain?

  1. Most well-known spot to enjoy the reputed Fountain Show will be the Waterfront Promenade. It is located at the base of the Burj Khalifa. It will provide you with a wonderful view of the entire performance. However, the only drawback that you might have to face will be the crowd that will gather in this area. Make sure to arrive at the spot 15 minutes earlier so that you will be able to grab the best seats for enjoying the show. Apart from this, you may likewise enjoy a scrumptious meal at one of the many eateries right here.
  2. Another place where you can get a glimpse of the show will be the Dubai Fountain Lake Ride. It will be prudent to rent a small wooden boat known as an abra for seeing the show from a close distance while journeying around the Burj Khalifa Lake. Make certain to arrive at the spot 15 minutes in advance and you will need to shell out 17 euros for getting a ticket for this kind of trip.
  3. The next option for you to watch the astounding Dubai Fountain show will be from the observation deck at Burj Khalifa. You will get the opportunity to enjoy the show from an incredible height of 555 m after ascending to the peak after 6 pm.

You can also book a table in a Top Indian Restaurants in the Dubai Mall to experience the show in a better way.

When to visit the Dubai Fountain

We suggest that you pay a visit to the Fountain once it becomes dark in the evening. This will be the best time to enjoy the show to your heart’s content. This show happens daily and thus, everyday is a good day to enjoy it. So, connect with Travel Saga to enjoy a perfect trip to Dubai tourist places. Moreover, you can rent a car to reach the location.

Ticket price to the Dubai Fountain

It will be possible to explore the splendour of the Dubai Fountain free of cost.  There are no entry frees. However, you have to spend at least AED 45  to witness the show while sitting in the front row. Despite this, be ready in advance as you may have to spend some cash for other activities as well.

Top 10 interesting facts

  1. The Dubai Fountain was inaugurated with the opening of the Dubai Mall itself.
  2. The design allows you to see the proceedings even from 30 miles away.
  3. It is feasible for the nozzles of the fountain to shoot water at a height of up to 500 ft.
  4. Dubai Fountain has been enhanced significantly with the help of as many as 6,600 lights and 50 colour projectors.
  5. The fountain has the ability to spray 22,000 gallons of water simultaneously into the air.
  6. A company based in California known as WET Design is accountable for designing the fountain.
  7. AED 800 was required to build the Dubai Fountain which is equivalent to $218 million.
  8. The testing of the Dubai Fountain commenced in the month of February 2009.
  9. The Dubai Fountain consists of 2 arcs and 5 circles of different sizes.
  10. One does not need to spend anything to enjoy the Fountain show at all.


The Dubai Fountain is one of the most interesting spots in Dubai. The city is reputed for its towering skyscrapers at present. Nevertheless, the spectacular Dubai Fountain can spice up your stay in Dubai to a great extent. Consequently, make sure not to skip the Dubai Fountain while doing Dubai city tour in the upcoming days.

So, reserve your seat with Travel Saga Tourism to explore these icons in Dubai.