Wafi City

Dubai has been long known for its beautiful beach life and adventurous trips around the city. Various enchanting destinations and landmarks can be viewed here in Dubai that offer absolute luxury and refreshments around the place. Gauge at the humongous Dubai skyline or engage in thrill rides at the world-class amusement parks here. Dubai is generally flocked by diverse individuals from around the globe all year. Among the different locations to visit in Dubai, Wafi City is a location that contains a mixed bag of attractions to experience at the place. Let us follow the general details and information regarding Wafi City and the proper timing to visit it.

Individuals can check out the 200 stores available in the mall that feature distinct handicrafts, rugs, fabrics, accessories, and even perfumes from around the globe.  If you love perfumes, you can also check out the Perfume Souk in Dubai. A glow-in-the-dark mini-golf course for visitors is available here to enjoy, along with a light and sound event organized here. Proper bathroom facilities with all amenities are there. Also, the place has ATMs available on the premises, along with complimentary Wi-Fi for visitors. The parking space is also kept free for a certain duration at Wafi City here in Dubai, along with a cineplex to enjoy your favourite movies.


Wafi City is considered a commercial hub that is known for shopping, hotels, restaurants, clubs, lounges, spas, and more. This place was developed in the early 1990s and is themed around Egyptian civilization. The place has amazing décor and Egyptian-styled architecture within the interiors and also provides an enigmatic view of the greatest landmarks like the Pyramid of Giza, Pharaoh sculptures, and Egyptian patterns along the complex structure. The colour shades on the walls are utilised to match the ancient Egyptian architecture and are in hues of brown and orange all around.

Points of Interest in Wafi City

Individuals can engage themselves in diverse activities in Wafi City, here in Dubai. A few of the important points of interest at the location are portrayed below for the audience to look at.

1. Wafi Mall

The Wafi Mall in the Wafi City location is a hub for shopaholics around the globe. With over 200 different stores and shops around the place selling items like jewellery, rugs, apparel, wall hangings, home décor items, and more, individuals can indeed enjoy the discounted rates here. The mall is themed using Egyptian architecture and art and includes pharaohs at the entrances and a distinct pyramid-shaped dome on the top.

2. Raffles Hotel

The Raffles Hotel in Dubai is the oldest 5-star hotel available for accommodation purposes here. So, it was first developed in November 2007 and has around 248 rooms spread across 18 floors. Additionally, this hotel is known for its lavish facilities and vivid dining arrangements and is counted among the top hotels around the world. Moreover, the Khan Murjan Souk Wafi is near the place here in Dubai.

3. Pyramids Area

The Pyramids area here in Wafi City is known for the distinct restaurants, lounges, cafes, and clubs around the place in Dubai. A spa section is also available for visitors here that has some of the popular luxury spas named Cleopatra’s Spa and Pharaoh’s Club here in the Wafi City region.

4. Wafi Residential Area

This is a residential area for sale and rent around Wafi City and houses some of the lavish rooms and complexes here. Moreover, individuals opting to purchase a house here in the Wafi residential area get free access to the spas in the Pyramids area along the Wafi City in Dubai.

The Best Time to visit Wafi City

The best time to check out Wafi City is during the winter season, as the temperatures do not remain hot and humid during this time. Moreover, individuals can enjoy their time here during the summers as well since the majority of attractions are limited to the indoor area.

Entry Fee & Timing

Entry is free for visitors here in Wafi City, but indulging in distinct activities here can incur some standard costs. The place is open for visitors between 10 a.m. and 10 p.m. from Sundays to Thursdays. Also, it remains open from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays.

How to reach Wafi City easily?

Road transport, rental cars and metro lines are available for individuals to reach Wafi City pretty conveniently. Follow the Sheikh Zayed Road area, check for signs of Oud Metha Road, and reach the Dubai Healthcare City area. Wafi City is around a 5-minute’ walk from there. Metro lines are also available that stop at the Dubai Healthcare City station around the location here.


To end with, these are a few distinct pieces of information and details regarding Wafi City. Also, the things to enjoy while spending time here in Dubai. Individuals can check out the place with their loved ones. Moreover, enjoy their shopping spree to the extent here in Wafi City. The distance of Wafi city is around 6.0 km from Al Seef, Dubai Creek, Al Fahidi and Bur Dubai. So you can consider visiting these tourist attractions in Dubai as well.