Visiting Dubai in June 2024

Visiting Dubai in June Month

Visiting Dubai throughout the year is always fun, especially in June. Travel enthusiasts from around the world visit Dubai due to its glitzy outlook. Although winter is the right time due to pleasant weather, summer (during June) is also not a bad time to explore the city. Dubai is famous not just for its luxurious city life but also for its scorching sun and heat. Luckily, you can utilise this heat in a fun way. Visiting Dubai in June means you can explore the luxurious resorts, water sports, and shopping festivals during this time.

Dubai in June

Ideally, Dubai in June remains hot and dry. Not only that, the mercury touches 38oC. Luckily, the temperature drops to almost 26oC at night. The humidity levels remain moderate (26%). Locals see almost 12 hours of sunlight and the rainfall is nil throughout the month.

Top 10 activities to try in Dubai in June

The Emirate is a budding country with endless tourist activities throughout the year. Here are the top ten places to visit in Dubai during June.

  1. Ski Dubai

As soon as you get fed up with the intolerable heat and scorching sun, come to Ski Dubai with your entire family. Located in Dubai’s Mall of Emirates, it is a famous indoor activity where you can try to beat the heat. A massive area covered with real ice, Ski Dubai will instantly remove uneasiness due to outside heat. A snow dragon lit up makes it a perfect place to visit in Dubai weather in June. Some must-try activities here include jet skiing, sledding, tobogganing, and others. The entry fee is AED 255, and you get two hours to have as much fun as you want. Your experience at Ski Dubai will be memorable since you will get the opportunity to interact with penguins. Kids and adults can have an equal amount of fun here.

  1. Dubai Mall Ice Rink

The famous Dubai Mall Ice Rink is yet another popular indoor tourist spot to try in Dubai in June. A humongous skating rink covered with real ice is an open platform for those who love enjoying skating. It sounds like a movie set, doesn’t it? Well, the entire concept is true. To make things more interesting, disco sessions are held with colourful lights, a worthwhile part of your Dubai holiday. If you are a beginner, you will get training sessions too. Apart from the ice rink Dubai Mall has many things to do in it.

  1. Museum of Illusions

If you are visiting Dubai in June, to avoid the heat, it is ideal to enjoy indoor activities, and the Museum of Illusions is one of them. A museum is a fascinating world and it attracts thousands of people due to the wondrous items present inside. When talking about museums, the first thing that comes to our mind is science, artefacts, or history. But Dubai is full of bizarre attractions. Situated in Al Seef, this museum features some amazing options, like an infinity room. Here your reflections will be either too small or too huge. Similarly, don’t forget to view Master Illusions. Optical Illusions, and Grand Illusion.

  1.  iFly

Dubai’s first 10 metre long indoor skydiving zone, iFly Dubai is a vertical wind tunnel where you can try skydiving. An act against gravity, this practice is done under the supervision of experts. You will get a wingsuit as well as eye protection to make the most of the experience.

  1. Jumble

To test your teamwork skills, you can come to Jumble. A perfect fun indoor activity for summer months, Jumble is mostly for adults. Make sure you are coming here with your friends or family since it is a group task. You have to make your way through the huge indoor urban maze. Jumble is a challenging task, and concentration is all you need to solve the puzzles. A total of 20 mental puzzles are present that you need to solve.

  1. Smash Room

Channelize your anger by smashing things at the famous Smash Room. If you are someone who loves breaking things when angry, sad, or frustrated, Smash Room is for you. Another perfect summer (June) indoor activity to try in Dubai. You get the opportunity to break random things like plates, computers, printers, and whatnot.

  1. Splash Island Waterpark

If you want to know how the climate in Dubai is during June month, then it’s quite sultry, humid, and hot. Luckily, summer in Dubai is all about dipping inside cold water, and Splash Island Waterpark is where you should visit. Come here with your family, especially your small ones. Splash Island Waterpark is a temperature-managed aqua park with uncountable indoor activities.

  1. Bounce

Dubai weather in June means extreme heat, and to get rid of that, come to Bounce. A perfect spot to give you an adrenaline rush, Bounce can let you forget your worries. Filled with trampolines, jump your heart out to burn calories and learn a few aerial tricks too.

  1. VR Park

VR Park Dubai is an indoor-themed park famous as a virtual reality park. Since the VR park is all about fun activities, it is a favourite entertainment spot for kids to beat Dubai weather in June. While some games will take you to a different planet, others will let you time travel to the future.

  1. Lost Chambers Aquarium

Who doesn’t want to know about underwater marine life, isn’t it? To know about that, you must come to Lost Chambers Aquarium. You will spot a wide range of unique flowers and seaweeds. Tourists from across the world come to Dubai to witness the beauty of the Lost Chambers Aquarium.

Pros of travelling to Dubai in June

  • You will save money on Dubai hotels.
  • Off-season means the benefits of getting rebates and attractive deals on clothes, handicrafts, spices, jewellery, and many more. So, a perfect season for retail therapy.
  • Since people avoid the extreme heat of Dubai, most tourist spots remain quiet and peaceful in summer.
  • Summers mean you can get the advantage of enjoying relaxing spa sessions.
  • Water sports is an unmissable activity in Dubai, and summer is the perfect time for it.

Cons of travelling to Dubai in June

  • The weather remains hot and humid during summers, which is unpleasant for tourism.
  • Since it is an Islamic country, locals fast during Ramadan days. Therefore, when eating or drinking in public; however, you can order food at your place.
  • Also, you have to wear modest outfits, especially during Ramadan time don’t forget to do the Dubai City Tour.


So, this was a recap of the top 10 activities to try in June. Try visiting it with friends and family, and have the best time of your life. Get your umbrellas and sunscreen ready this summer! Don’t forget to contact Travel Saga for a hassle free travel experience.