Port Saeed Dubai – Things to Do, Entry Fee Info

Dubai is a place worth visiting, which gives comprehensible knowledge and sightings of the vivid culture and architecture, with outstanding activities to engage in. Among the different places around Dubai, Port Saeed is a commercial hub for import and export goods. There are various places nearby Port Saeed that can be visited by tourists. A general description of the history and points of interest near this place is as below.


Port Saeed is located in the Deira district, which is surrounded by the Dubai Creek in the southern part and the Al Khabisi in the northern zone. The eastern and western parts are bounded by Al Garhoud and Rigga Al Buteen, respectively. Various places to see nearby the Port Saeed area include the Deira City Center and the Dubai Mall. Another place worth mentioning is the ‘Dubai Creek Golf and Yacht Club’, which is hardly 4-5 km away from the Port Saeed area. A small colony was constructed in the area in 2003 by the Dubai Municipality authorities. Port Saeed can be claimed as a bustling port where different exchanges happen daily. The place was first built by Saeed Ahmed Lootah after the destruction of Port Said in Egypt during the Suez Crisis.

Things to do near the Port Saeed location

An amazing number of activities and nearby places can be covered while visiting Port Saeed for tourism purposes. A few of the important ones are listed below for instructional purposes.

Dubai Creek Golf and Yacht Club

The Dubai Creek Golf and Yacht Club is a vast terrain of green, lush fields with an 18-hole course that offers magnificent facilities to visitors. Individuals can book coaches here and spend their time playing the sport. The 17th and 18th holes are nail-biters with extensive skills to achieve before completing them. Apart from the golf course, individuals can enjoy the lakeside view of the place by taking boardwalks along it. Dining areas are also available at this place, which provides the best cuisine to satiate our taste buds. The place also has an option for visitors to play padel ball by paying a few bucks to enjoy the sport here.

Go out on a Desert Safari

Another good activity to pursue while spending time at Port Saeed is the desert safari Dubai by various operators around the place. Individuals can enjoy the sunrise along with the quintessential selfies and snaps during the activities. Tourists can also try their hand at dune bashing, quad biking Dubai, and even sandboarding down the steep red dunes. Visitors can also enjoy the camel rides to the conservation area and watch the beautiful, untamed wildlife around. Some agencies even provide dinner sessions at private camps within the desert with appealing dancing and fire shows.

Enjoy the Boat Cruises

Tourists visiting this place can also enjoy the boat cruises that operate at Dubai Creek, which is hardly 3.5 kilometres away from Port Saeed. Going through the Dhow Cruise Dubai Creek is a great way to spend leisure time with family and friends while viewing the beautiful Dubai backdrop with the magnanimous landmarks around. Various food and dinner buffets are available for customers, and they can even book candlelit dinners with their partners here. Soft music and lighting decorations mark the interiors of the boats and also ensure a mesmerizing ambience for the visitors to enjoy.

The Best Time to Visit Port Saeed

Since it’s a commercial place where all the imports and exports happen with the help of shipping containers, this is not a very excellent tourist spot to visit. However, if you are curious to visit this place, then October to March is the perfect time. It is better to avoid the summer months since it can be quite sultry outside and we may need to hydrate ourselves every time.

How to Reach Port Saeed

The area around Port Saeed is easily accessible due to the diligent transport system in Dubai, Individuals can take public Metro Blue lines, shared taxis, or rental cars to reach Deira and enter the Port Saeed zone. Public Bus numbers like 27, X28, and C15 can take you to the Port Saeed location. Deira City Center Metro station is the closest railway station to the place for visitors to stop by. Dubai International Airport is just 11 minutes away from the said location.

Timings and Entry fee at Port Saeed

Port Saeed is open to visitors all the time. Also, it does not require any kind of fee for entering or walking through the boardwalks.


The above points refer to the distinct nearby places worth visiting in the Port Saeed area. Also, see the activities to conclude while spending time there. Tourists and travellers can enjoy the cruises near here or the desert safaris along the sandy stretch. The food stalls and lounges cater to the most appealing dishes of all time, with multiple cuisines to support them. Walking around the boardwalks with partners can be an inexplicable feeling for some. While watching the magnificent Dubai skyline with its colossal landmarks in the distance. Travel Saga Tourism‘s main head office is in the Centre of Port Saeed close to Deira city centre.