Hai Ramadan Returns at Expo City, Dubai!

HAI RAMADAN Returns at Expo City Dubai Travel Saga Tourism

Looking for a family friendly Ramadan celebration post sunset? Dubai Expo City is back with the second season of Hai Ramadan celebrations. It is a month long grand celebration that unfolds at sunset and wraps up at Suhoor/ Sehri( the first morning meal before sunrise). This is going to be a great getaway for families during the holy month of Ramadan. Most celebrations will take place at the Al Wasl Plaza of Expo City Dubai and the nearby areas. 

The major events of this celebration

Expo City Dubai usually celebrates the holy month of Ramadan with great zeal and excitement. Obviously, in Ramadan 2025 also it is going to be the major Dubai tourist attraction. One thing you must witness during Ramadan at Expo City Dubai is the Iftar Cannon. It is an Egyptian tradition that spread to other Islamic countries in which, a fireshot is made right at the time of sunset to announce Iftar. Visitors and locals at Expo City, get to witness this tradition right there in front of their eyes. Visitors have also explored a lot of places like Miracle Garden, Global Village, and Dubai Parks & Resort. 

Beating heart of Ramadan

Al Wasl Plaza is the beating heart of Ramadan Dubai every year. It comes to life as soon as the sun sets. Many immersive projections are curated for this one month long celebration only. Many activities are especially there for teaching children the values of Ramadan and Islam. For example, the famous mascots of Al Wasl Plaza, Rashid and Latif perform a theatrical play “Quest to Find the Moon” to promote the values of Islam. There will also be games and workshops to participate for the little ones.

The Iftar

Ramadan can not be complete without an Iftar meal post evening prayers. The Sustainable District of Expo City Dubai will also host a prayer meeting for everyone who wishes to pray there. Post sunset meals are available at many places near the area. More than 20 outlets and food carts will be there to fulfil your Iftar dinner needs. There will also be a special Iftar at the backdrop of the surreal waterfront at the Expo City, Dubai. You can enjoy your special Iftar here for a minimal price as well. 

The monster inflatable 

Welcome to the world’s largest inflatable obstacle course at Expo City, Dubai. The course will be 300 metres long with 42 obstacles and thrilling fun. Climb, bounce, slide or jump in these inflatable courses and have fun like never before. In this one month long Ramadan celebration, make sure you grab the best opportunity to enjoy till the end. This activity is for everyone above 1 metre in height. Your little ones will certainly enjoy this activity during Ramadan.

Shopping/ Ramadan Market

The Ramadan market at Hai Ramadan is going to be as grand as always. With several shops, souks, and supermarkets to offer a variety of items for your personal and gifting needs of Ramadan. You can buy clothes and accessories and candies and what not at the shops here in Hai Ramadan market. There are shops to keep your younger ones entertained as well. 


Hai Ramadan is back with its grandeur to the Expo City Dubai once again. It is going to be the best Ramadan celebration in Dubai. The Al Wasl Plaza will light up with life every sunset and shoot an Iftar Cannon to mark the time of Iftar. People visiting and living around Expo City, Dubai will get to witness the interactive, entertaining and informational activities taking place at Hai Ramadan 2025. This place will once again become the best place for the celebration of the Holy month of Ramadan in Dubai. If you have a prior booking at Iftar or Suhoor on the Hai Ramadan campus, you can get free entry to the place. While, in the other case, you have to pay a minimal entry fee for the event. Visit Dubai during Ramadan and enjoy the best of everything.