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Known for its stunningly beautiful scenic beauty, the Al Rafisah Dam in Khor Fakkan is a popular tourist destination for you to explore when you visit Sharjah. Moreover, the reservoir of the dam, a human-made lake, attracts many migratory birds. The picturesque lake has the majestic Hajar Mountains as its backdrop. You have the option of boating and kayaking as well. The best part is that there is no entry fee at Al Rafisah Dam. You can also admire the lake’s scenic beauty by taking a tour around it. So, let’s learn more about this dam.


The Wadi Shie seasonal stream, where the remnants of an old village have been discovered, is also located at the Al Rafisah Dam. The objects unearthed there date back to the Stone Age, therefore the discovery undoubtedly has significant historical value. Today, visitors interested in history come from all around the world. In addition, the cost of boating at Al Rafisah Dam is affordable. The dam offers a variety of activities that can make guests’ days out with friends and family enjoyable.

Activities to Look Forward to:


The Rafisa Lounge Café is a quaint restaurant with stunning views of the reservoir where you can savour homestyle meals and pleasant beverages. Likewise, unwind on the restaurant’s charming balcony while taking in the stunning view of the lake’s serene turquoise waters, which contrast dramatically with the grey Hajar Mountains. If you enjoy gorgeous scenery, this location has to be on your list of places to visit Sharjah.

Kids Play Area

The rest area at the site features an outdoor playing area for kids. There are swings and slides for your kids to ride and climb on while the lovely mountains and the lake provide a stunning backdrop. The staff here leaves no stone unturned to make sure that the place remains clean and safe for the children altogether. Additionally, another place to visit with your kids in Sharjah is Najd Al Maqsar Heritage Village.

An Artificial Waterfall

A 55-metre-tall human-made waterfall was constructed to enhance the allure of this little retreat near Sharjah. Amidst the verdant surroundings, you will enjoy witnessing the waterfall’s waters tumble into the turquoise reservoir. It is indeed a lovely sight. 

A Walkway

Taking a relaxing stroll around the Al Rafisah Dam’s walkway is the best method to explore the structure. To start with, its length is 730 metres. Furthermore, this lovely promenade is beckoned by rich vegetation and palm trees. a spot where you may unwind for a bit on the benches while taking in the calming effects of the waterfall’s splashing sound and the melodic chattering of the birds. This is the best possible way to get away from city life.

Kayaks and Pedal Boats

You may explore the lake with kayaks and pedal boats from the Al Khor Kayak Service. Prices for kayaking and boating include cruising around on the pedal boats while admiring the breath taking environment. The two most entertaining activities at the Al Rafisah Dam are these two. While boating in the lake, you should also observe the happy quacking of the ducks as you feed them. Here, children can go boating as long as an adult goes with them.  


It is an ideal location for an enjoyable day out and a road trip destination. On the road to Khorfakkan, the Al Rafisah Dam rises over a hill and is a picturesque location with stunning views and opportunities for a variety of activities, like hiking, kayaking, and learning more about the area’s historical and archaeological terrain. Hence, make sure to visit this site next time you’re doing Sharjah city tour!

As you know there is no entry fee, so make sure to contact Travel Saga Tourism for a hassle free journey to the Dam.

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