Al Jaddaf

Al Jaddaf is historically well known for its dhow building area. Among the various places to visit in Dubai, Al Jaddaf holds a distinct position, located in the heart of the city. Al Jaddaf is bounded by Dubai Creek in the west and is popular for its heritage and traditions. Let us delve into the rich history and places to visit in the Al Jaddaf region with Travel Saga.

Introduction and History

Al Jaddaf is a heritage site and is a waterfront community along the coast of Dubai. The main purpose of this place was to construct dhows for touring the seawater here. The main waterfront edge is still working for the maritime unit, with shipyards and docks, and a record-breaking Dhow structure is still under construction.

The region is situated with Dubai Creek on the west and the Business Bay extension to the east. The place is well connected using the best-modernized transport system and with distinct places like Business Bay and Dubai Downtown. Individuals can also check the metro lines available to reach the place. You can check out the top Dubai tourist places in the Al Jaddaf region. The Al Wasl Club is located here, with the Zabeel Stadium in its vicinity. Further developments are underway that constitute a cultural village along with a healthcare facility for individuals here at the Al Jaddaf location.

Nearby Places of Al Jaddaf Region

There are various places to visit while in the Al Jaddaf region of Dubai. A few of the important ones are below for the readers to check.

1) Jameel Arts Centre

Jameel Arts Centre is popular for its contemporary art displays, the residence of artists, and a place for research and learning. The place was created by Art Jameel and is located on the Jaddaf Waterfront. The location of the Jameel Arts Centre itself is a sight to behold, set against the backdrop of the beautiful Jaddaf waterfront. There are amazing outdoor installations erected at the centre that provide audio information regarding the masterpieces. This place can be fun with family and friends while at the Al Jaddaf location. Apart from the various art exhibits, the place also hosts a 200-seat amphitheater of its own.

2) Mohammed bin Rashid Library

Mohammed Bin Rashid Library is the largest library in the Al Jaddaf region and has been open to the public since June 2022. The main structure of the building bears a resemblance to a lectern and hosts various podiums like conference centres, family-ready rooms, kids’ reading rooms, a children’s library, a business library, convention halls, and others. The basement of the library is so large that it can store over 1,000 cars together. The library would be hosting a conservation centre for preserving manuscripts, scrolls, and texts while hosting over 100 cultural events at the location here in the Al Jaddaf region.

3) The SPA

Individuals wanting to spend a good time while engaging in some special treatment can visit the SPA here near the Al Jaddaf region in Dubai. The place is popular for its 7 splendid treatment rooms and an exclusive spa with a jacuzzi attached to it. It is around 1000 square meters in size and houses the best luxury treatments for visitors and tourists. The place also houses rain showers and thermal suites, both for males and females, with numerous facilities to offer.

How to reach the Al Jaddaf

Individuals can easily avail themselves of public buses or metros to reach the Al Jaddaf region. The station connecting the place is the Al Jaddaf Metro Station. This station is under the Dubai Metro Green Line. Visitors can also check out the bus line C04 that transports passengers to the Deira Gold Souk, Union Metro Station, Latifa Hospital, and the WAFI mall. Interested individuals can check out the major attractions like the Burj Al Arab and Jumeirah while taking a boat ride around the Dubai Creek region here. You can also rent a car from Travel Saga Tourism to reach your destination.

The Best Time To Visit The Al Jaddaf Region

One can visit the Al Jaddaf region at any time of the year. The place is a major hub for job seekers, with a business community nearby. Individuals can normally enjoy the winter months here since the place is not quite hot during that time. Various hotels are available in the Al Jaddaf region that provide luxury facilities for their customers.


The Al Jaddaf region is popular for its ancient traditions and has a heritage of its own. Tourists can have a good time in the Al Jaddaf region with their families and friends. Let us know when you are planning to visit these Dubai tourist places. Travel Saga will be happy to assist you, till then keep travelling and smiling!