6 Amazing Outdoor Date Night Spots in Dubai

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The majority of people all around the world visit Dubai to explore its amazing attractions and popular sites. If you are also one of those who visit Dubai with your partner, it’s time to know about the best 6 outdoor date night spots. 

In other words, ranging from the wonderful rooftops to the amazing beachfront, you will find plenty of sites to enjoy with your partner. Moreover, everyone should know that April is the perfect month to go out for date nights in Dubai. So, let’s just go through the fine outdoor spots for a night out with your partner. 

6 Gorgeous Night Spots for Outdoor Dates in Dubai

If you’re in Dubai with your partner and looking for the perfect outdoor date night spot, then it’s the perfect place. Here you will find the most appropriate places where you can enjoy and spend quality time with your better half. So, just go through the 6 places that are perfect for every couple when it comes to outdoor dates at night. 

1. Basko

It’s a wonderful place for couples, as they can enjoy the views of the Burj Khalifa and Downtown Dubai from here. Certainly, it’s a perfect spot where you can go for an evening dinner and an aperitivo. Also, the best thing about the particular place is that here you will find Mediterranean-inspired cuisine like lobster fregola, frog Provencal, and prime rib, etc.

2. CouCou

It’s a fantastic and gorgeous place where couples can hang out together. The coucou is present at the top floor of the Palm Tower. Through this point, you will get the views of city skyline, the amazing Arabian Gulf, and Palm Jumeirah. Overall, it’s the best late night spot, so it’s advisable to dress well and enjoy every moment.

3. Jetty Lounge

Want to know Dubai’s most popular date-night spot? Well, Jetty Lounge is one of them. It’s because here you will find amazing views and scenes while enjoying dinner in an awesome environment. Moreover, this particular place is the best to enjoy the sunset. Also, post dinner you can enjoy the ride on a speedboat from jetty to 101. 

4. Milos 

Looking for a cool and amazing place to enjoy with your partner on date night? If yes, Milos brings you the best seafood and simple ingredients. In addition to this, it has a beautiful garden which will make the overall environment good. At Milos, the must-try cuisines are crispy fried zucchini, eggplant slices, and a tower of paper-thin. 

5. Shimmers

Shimmers come with an open environment and it is a peaceful place. The best part about this late-night outdoor place is that you can spend enough quality time with your partner. Moreover, the menu includes casseroles, cold seafood starters, and a wide range of cuisines. Also, from here, you will get the best views of Burj Al Arab Jumeirah. 

6. Tasca 

For all those couples who want to enjoy the night date perfectly, it’s time to say yes to Tasca. It’s an amazing place where you can sit together and enjoy fantastic food while getting the beach vibes. In Tasca, you will find a sleek infinity pool in which you will see the dusky sky reflection as a great view. 


Overall, there are some other fantastic places present where you can take your partner on a late-night date. Some of the popular ones are Tamoka, Piatti, Milos, La Cantine, and many more. Certainly, by taking your partner to these places you will make the tour perfect and get a unique overall experience. Therefore, these are the perfect outdoor night date spots where you can go and have fun. 

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