Top Tourist Places to Visit in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia, among the largest countries in the Gulf area, is a historic and culturally rich nation. The holy cities of Mecca and Medina are located here and are visited by millions of pilgrims every year. But the country has a lot more to offer in terms of tourist attractions, both natural as well as human-made. Read on to learn more about the best tourist places to visit in Saudi Arabia.

Best Tourist Places to Visit in Saudi Arabia 

1. Riyadh

For most international travellers, after taking a Saudi Arabia visa, the tour starts with the capital city of Riyadh. Most international flights to the country are directed to Riyadh. Located in the heart of the Arabian Desert and surrounded by deserts and rocky mountains, Saudi Arabia’s most modern city has a range of excellent shopping malls, architectural marvels, and landmarks like the “clock tower.”

2. Dammam

Saudi Arabia’s 3rd-most populous city is a cultural hub. Marvellous historical sights that are living examples of the country’s chequered history, museums that take you back in time to the nation’s formative years, and districts that existed from the Bedouin days – it’s all there in Dammam. The city is also home to splendid beaches and offers various opportunities for water sports. Also, you can check out water sports in Dubai too!

3. Jeddah

Located off the coast of the Red Sea, the historical city of Jeddah is a cultural and also commercial hub of Saudi Arabia. It is also a major seaport of the region. Beautiful natural beauty, dazzling beaches, and marvellous historical architecture make this city a must-visit in Saudi Arabia.

Visit the Abraj Al-Bait Clock Tower in the evening when it’s brightly lit up and sip on some delicious Turkish coffee in the vicinity. Take a walk in Al Ghazal Park or take a refreshing bath in the Dana Wetland Reserve natural springs. The Aerial Tramway will be the best way to get 360-degree views of this beautiful city.

4.  Yanbu

Located about 150 km from Riyadh along a bay, the scenic city of Yanbu is famous for being the oldest settlement in the world that is continuously inhabited. This ancient oasis city is surrounded by deserts that create an ambience that is dry yet beautiful. Visit the various archaeological sites here and the Wadi Deif. There are also many boutiques and malls here for the shopping freaks.

5. Hegra

The historic city of Hegra was an oasis city in earlier days but is a modern agricultural settlement in today’s time. If the weather permits, go for the various hiking trails that would open your eyes to the highly impressive historical architecture, especially in the Al-Ula Valley. The red sand dunes are also very beautiful. You may also camp here for a few nights amidst the dry nature.

6. Al Kharj

Situated in the northern part of the country, Al Kharj offers beautiful sights of both wetlands and deserts. The fast-growing region houses the popular King Fahd Camel Ride Track and Prince Mohammed Bin Salman Conservation Research Center, among others. Shop for some traditional Arabic jewellery and fill yourself in at one of the many wonderful cafes or restaurants here. Speaking of Camel Rides, did you know that you can try Camel Riding in Dubai too?

7. Taif

Located in a narrow valley among high and dry mountains, the oasis city of Taif is located in the central region of Saudi Arabia. The earlier capital of the Kingdom, the historical city offers tourists many beautiful archaeological and natural scenic sights – including many palm trees that offer much-needed shade to the local; people. Many breathtakingly beautiful valleys are also to be seen here.

8. Mecca

Among the holiest cities for Muslims globally, Mecca is the holiest as it is Islam’s birthplace. It is the cusp of Islam and central to every Muslim’s faith. During the Haj, millions of devotees visit Mecca. Besides the holy mosques here, other attractions include scenic islands, the Mada’in Saleh situated in Ancient Nabatean city, and the Al-Masjid Al Nabawi.

Note: Non-Muslims can’t enter Mecca.

9. Medina

The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) migrated to Medina from Mecca many centuries ago. The “City of Light” as it is also popular, Medina is also among the holiest cities for every Muslim. Located close to both Riyadh and Jeddah, Medina is a treasure trove of historical sites. Explore the Djinn Palace or take a walk along Muhammad’s Way. Visit the Prophet’s Mosque and Abdullah Ibn Masood’s Tomb, among other holy places. And finally, taste authentic Arabian cuisine at one of the many eateries here. Additionally, you can read a blog on the 10 best Emirati dishes and where to find them.

10. Tabuk

Located around 550 km from Riyadh, Tabuk is a historical city that dates back to the days of the Roman Empire. There are many historic landmarks to be seen here like the castles and forts of the Roman Empire days. Huqan and Jabal al-Qal’a are archaeological sites where you can get a glimpse of the ancient dwellings that date back thousands of years.

11. Heet Cave

This eye-popping beautiful natural cave formation is located near Mount Al Jubayl. There is a small dark green colour lake inside the cave that’s extremely photogenic and also pleasing to the eyes. You can click lots of photos of the stunningly beautiful Wadi Al Sulay Valley from here.


So, these were the places to visit in Saudi Arabia. It is indeed a hub for culture and heritage. Additionally, if you wish to visit other Emirates too, then try Travel Saga’s Dubai city tour.