Spice Souk Dubai : The essence of aromatic cuisine!

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Asia and Middle Eastern countries have a thing for spices. The rich aroma of spices triggers their appetite. Their cuisines from meals to snacks and beverages, are rich in spices. The wide range of colors, fragrances and flavors it adds to their food makes their every dish one of a kind. The scent and flavors of these spices and condiments are evidence of Dubai’s deep connection with its tradition and culture. 

Where to find the spices in Dubai?

Dubai is famous for its traditional markets, called souks. If you are in Dubai and are interested in buying spices, you should consider visiting the spice souk in Dubai tourist places. This spice souk is close to the Dubai Creek in the older parts of Dubai city. Spice Souk is next to the very popular Gold Souk of Dubai. So on your way to buy spices, you can consider buying gold as well. The spice souk market is a place where you can buy spices and condiments by weight and haggle for prices. Some of the shops in the souk also keep good quality dry fruits as well. The courteous and friendly merchants will make you feel at home in Deira. 

What will you find at Spice Souk?

The spice souk in Dubai has a wide variety of potent and light spices. From good quality cinnamon sticks, cardamom, and Arabian seeds to various types of saffron strands, you can find it all in the spice souk. Saffron is a spice of key importance in Arabian culture. Thus, you’ll find different grades and variants of saffron in the spice souk. Keeping that in mind, choose the right quality of saffron you need. 

Other than spices, the spice souk market in Dubai also sells souvenirs like oud perfumes. Handicrafts, tea leaves and henna. Consider buying them as a memory of your beautiful moments spent in Dubai. 

Culinary Cultural Collection

In addition to spices, the Deira Souk is a centre of cross-cultural interaction. Talk to friendly shopkeepers who are happy to share their expertise on the history and use of each spice. Take the chance to discover the traditional ingredients and cooking methods of Arabic cuisine. Explore the culinary cultural collection by not only buying the ingredients but also tasting the ready dishes. A lot of traditional snacks are sold here by street vendors that you must give a try. Also, don’t forget to haggle for a good price for the products you buy. 

How to reach Spice Souk?

The exact address of the spice souk is next to the gold souk in Deira on Baniyas Street. To reach this location, you can rent a car or take a water taxi also known as Abra ride from Dubai Creek. Moreover, the souk is within walking distance from the Al Ras metro station, so you can visit this place by taking Dubai Metro as well. 

Nearby Places to Visit

When you visit Dubai’s Spice Souk, you can also visit some other Abu Dhabi tourist attractions close to this place. The most popular attraction among tourists is right next to this souk. Yes, we are talking about the gold souk where you can buy gold and bargain for a good price. After all, there’s a reason Dubai is called the city of gold. You can take a half day Dubai city tour or a full day Dubai city tour to conveniently explore most of Dubai. Consider visiting Dubai Creek and taking an Abra ride there. Additionally, take a Dhow cruise on Dubai Creek for a vintage cruising experience. Close to the creek is Creek Park, a family friendly place your kids will surely love. You can also visit the Al fahidi historical neighborhood. 


Want to spice up your kitchen? You should certainly visit the Spice Souk on your visit to Dubai. In other words, you can find a variety of aromatic spices, and you’ll fall in love with the smell, colour and flavour of them. Plan a family trip to Dubai with Travel Saga’s expert travel and tourism services. Moreover, make your journey completely hassle free by choosing Travel Saga’s quality transportation services, or renting a car from us.