Dubai Dino

Dubai has earned its name from its distinct attractions and landmarks. It is a hub for tourists and travellers around the globe. Dubai has the largest assortment of luxury facilities available around the location. It has shopping malls and stores for individuals to get hold of the best brands in the world. Among the various places and things to see in Dubai, the Dubai Dino is one such location.

A few of the diverse details and things to check around the Dubai Dino are suggested in the article below.


The Dubai Dino is located in the Atrium of the Dubai Mall and is the centrepiece of attractions here in the area. The Dubai Dino opened its exhibit in 2014 for visitors and accommodates a 24-meter-long and 7-meter-tall prehistoric fossil of the recognised Diplodocus longus dinosaur species. This fossil was first located in Wyoming, USA, and was later sent to Dubai at the request of Khalid Seddiq, the patron of the Abu Dhabi Etihad Modern Art Gallery, in 2014. The dinosaur fossil was kept on display at the Houston Museum of Natural Science until 2008, after which it was transferred to Dubai. Some of the tail bones of the dinosaur fossils were broken due to certain conditions, like a fight or a bite, but later palaeontologists replaced the broken ones with moulded ones.

Things to check near the Dubai Dino

There are diverse points of interest while visiting the Dubai Dino in the Dubai Mall. A general list of the extensive activities to pursue is declared below for the readers.

1. Take a look at the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo.

The Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo is positioned at the Dubai Mall and accommodates over 140 variants of marine life. The aquarium starts on the ground floor and reaches well up to the third floor of the Dubai Mall. The water capacity at the aquarium boasts over 10 million litres and is a perfect place for families and kids to enjoy. Distinct species of sharks, stingrays, and barracuda are roaming around in the waters of the aquarium in the Dubai Mall.

2. Check out the VR Park in Dubai Mall.

This VR park in Dubai is for gamers who want a visual treat while playing games of different genres. Individuals visiting this place carry VR gadgets and controllers. They take part in live-action games for diverse genres like adventure, action, horror, and even immersive movies. This park is located on the second floor of the Dubai Mall.

3. Take your kids to Kidzania

The place is certainly a must-try for kids to play around with the different courses available at Dubai Kidzania. The place also conducts proper educational tours for kids, along with a vast majority of games to play here. Kids can enjoy the art classes or go on a roleplay mission to beat game bosses here. This place ensures the growth of a child’s mindset along with distinct solutions to solve everyday problems on their own.

The best time to visit the Dubai Dino & Entry fee

Since the Dubai Dino is an interior exhibit, visitors can check it out anytime they are at the Dubai Mall. The place also remains open for visitation purposes along the timings of the Dubai Mall. Additionally, the entry fee to the dinosaur exhibit is also free for all at the Dubai Dino here.

How to reach the Dubai Dino?

The Dubai Dino is accessible by public bus lines like 27, and 29, which work in a 16-minute time interval. The metro station near the Dubai Dino is the Financial Center Metro Station, which is around 5 minutes from the place. You can also use Travel Saga Tourism’s expert transportation services to reach the destination.

Bottom Line

To wrap up, individuals can check out the underwater aquarium here or go on a shopping spree at Dubai Mall. Visit the Dubai Mall with kids and families to have a productive time enjoying the Dubai Dino here in Dubai. To learn more about Dubai Mall, please click here.