Capital Gate Abu Dhabi

If you’re looking at the skyline of Abu Dhabi, you won’t miss the Capital Gate skyscraper. It’s one of the tallest establishments in the city, standing at a height of 525 feet with 35 floors. The building boasts an incline that appears to defy gravity, making it a surefire attraction for any tourist.

The Structure of the Capital Gate Building

Construction on this particular establishment began in 2007 and was completed in 2011. There’s no doubt that RMJM Architects, the architectural company behind this skyscraper, had to approach the design with a great deal of creativity.

The Capital Gate skyscraper owes its stability to a sturdy base that allows it to defy gravity you must visit tourist attractions in Abu Dhabi. The building rests on 490 pilings, the largest of which is 3 feet and 3 inches in diameter. The incline of the structure creates a gravitational pull that’s counteracted by the pilings, which extend deep into the ground to provide stability.

With an incline of 18° to the west, the Capital Gate skyscraper’s lean is even more pronounced than that of the Leaning Tower of Pisa. In fact, Guinness World Records recognizes it as the “furthest artificial leaning building” on the planet.

Another striking feature of the building’s exterior is the sculptural stainless steel “splash”. This structure flows horizontally near ground level, creating a canopy over the hotel’s entrance. It also functions as a solar shield, helping to keep the building cool.

Interesting Facts of Capital Gate

It is a fact that this lofty skyscraper leans westward at an angle of 18° and the upper 17 floors are responsible for exerting lots of pressure on the building’s core by hanging over the edge. The tower has been built in such a manner that it should fall over naturally; however, its design prevents it from doing so.

What You Will Find in this Building

In this building, you will come across as many as 4 eateries, a hotel, along with offices occupying 15 floors. Incidentally, the name of the hotel happens to be the Andaz Capital Gate which consists of approximately 200 rooms along with a deluxe Presidential Suite as well. It is a fact that no two rooms in this hotel are similar to each other thanks to the shape of this establishment. Don’t forget to check the Tallest Buildings in Abu Dhabi here.

You will get some amazing views of the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre from the 18 Degrees restaurant of the hotel mentioned here. Apart from this, you will also have the opportunity to witness a remarkable view of the islands of Abu Dhabi and the Persian Gulf. The nearest island will showcase to you the opulent palaces that visitors are not allowed right now beleaguered by sand and sea. The architecture of the Capital Gate has got its inspiration from the natural landscape of Abu Dhabi.

The Andaz Capital Gate

The Andaz Capital Gate will allow you to have a good time while you’re in Abu Dhabi. The location of the hotel is near reputed points of interest such as Emirates Heritage Village, Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, Al Bateen Beach, The Corniche Beach, and Marina Mall which will allow the visitors to explore to their heart’s content.

The rooms in this hotel can boast of having sophisticated layouts as well as interiors that will make you feel comfortable while you are here. The floor-to-ceiling windows will provide you with amazing views of the city lights that will completely mesmerize you. The swimming pool provides you with the opportunity to refresh yourself from the scorching heat of the city. There is likewise a fully equipped gym in this hotel which will provide you with some comprehensive workout sessions in case you happen to be a fitness fanatic. Moreover, it will also be possible to treat your body and mind, thanks to the presence of the spa right here. Last but not least, you can also satisfy your taste buds with the help of some scrumptious recipes that are available here.

The Amenities at Capital Gate

  • The hotel will provide you with laundry services for your convenience.
  • You can also gain access to free Wi-Fi so that you can stay updated with the most recent news across the world.
  • The hotel will also provide you with room services so that you feel comfortable while you are here.
  • There is also a minibar that will offer chilled drinks for the convenience of the visitors without the need to venture anywhere else.

How to Reach Capital Gate

It’ll be possible for you to reach the Capital Gate in various ways given that transportation right here is quite convenient for tourists. One can take advantage of transportation services like bus services or it will also be a good idea to hire a taxi or rent a car.

Ticket price

In case you want to explore this point of interest, you need to get hold of tickets. In case you want to visit this place directly, you need to spend approximately 40 United Arab Emirates Dirhams to do so. The costs can differ accordingly in case you happen to be a part of a tour package.


The Capital Gate skyscraper in Abu Dhabi is a remarkable architectural achievement, featuring a striking incline of 18° that defies gravity. The Capital Gate skyscraper is a testament to human creativity and innovation, showcasing what we can accomplish with daring design and careful engineering. It’s a must visit place during the Abu Dhabi city tour, happy travelling!

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