Private Yacht & Desert Camping

Private Yacht & Desert Camping

It is no exaggeration that the Dubai luxury tour is known for its adventurous Desert Safari. Although the city has many land and water attractions to explore. Together, let’s embark on private yachts to enjoy a luxurious vacation and marvellous views. 

So, sink in the luxury of Dubai with 2 days of Private yacht Rental Dubai rides and excellent private desert camping. 

Day 1

Begin your first day of Dubai city tour and head to explore a private yacht journey. Travel Saga has multiple rental yacht options i according to your convenience. Taking a yacht cruise on the waters of Dubai is the best way to pamper yourself in an atmosphere of luxury.

The Private Yacht Rental In Dubai Options Are As below

  • 33 FT. Yacht– Fishing Yacht- Up to 8 People
  • 44 Ft. Yacht – Up to 10 People
  • 50 Ft Yacht – Up to 12 People
  • 66 Ft Luxury Yacht  – Up To 18 People
  • 70 Ft Private Yacht  – Up to 20 People
  • 80 Ft Luxury Yacht – Up To 30 People
  • 90 Ft Luxury Yacht  -Up to 40 People

Tour Experience

With an unforgettable private yacht tour in Dubai enjoy an unparalleled view of the city’s spectacular skyline and iconic landmarks. This exclusive tour offers a unique vantage point of the city’s architectural wonders and attractions. Here are the following highlights of the tour and ferry facilities that will enhance your experience.

Tour Highlights

  • Firstly, take in the sweeping views of Dubai Marina, renowned globally as one of the largest human-made marinas.
  • Secondly, visit famous destinations such as Palm Jumeirah and Atlantis The Palm, perfect for capturing unforgettable snapshots.
  • Then, marvel at the architectural splendour of the Burj Al Arab
  • Finally, enjoy the excitement of travelling on a luxury private yacht, with exclusive service and careful attention to detail.

Yacht Amenities

  • First of all, enjoy free bottled water and soft drinks during your visit.
  • Secondly, relax on the spacious deck area, enjoying the sunshine while appreciating the soft sea breeze.
  • Third, take advantage of the stunning photo opportunities against the backdrop of Dubai’s skyline and landmarks.
  • Finally, enjoy the exclusivity of your tour, only with your group.

Day 2

After the mesmerising yacht ride, make your way to the private Desert Safari Dubai on Day 2. Here, the vibrant and vast Arabian Desert awaits you with a private desert safari. Furthermore, feel the thrill of crossing towering sand dunes as you embark on a journey that promises excitement and awe-inspiring beauty.

Tour Experience

The journey begins with an enriching luxury car drive to the unique flora and fauna of Dubai. Here you get to witness the majestic Arabian oryx and experience a promise fulfilled with adventures like dune bashing, quad biking, camel ride Dubai as well as photoshoots with your loved ones.

Tour Highlights

  • Luxurious Range Rover Excursion: Experience the desert’s beauty in the plush leather seats of an air-conditioned Range Rover, ensuring your journey is as comfortable as it is thrilling. Moreover, you can book other luxury cars on rental as well!
  • Ghaf Tree Forest: Also, make a memorable stop at a lush Ghaf tree forest, an ideal backdrop for photographs that capture the essence of your adventure.
  • Remote Desert Lake: Visit a secluded lake, a haven for migratory birds offering a rare glimpse into the desert’s diverse ecosystem.
  • Falconry Demonstration: From a luxurious desert lounge, witness the art of falconry, a traditional and captivating display of skill and harmony between humans and birds.
  • Sunset Viewing with Refreshments: Following enjoy the breath taking sight of the desert sunset while sipping fresh juice with strawberries and canapés, setting the stage for the evening’s culinary journey.
  • Camel Ride to Royal Retreat: Transition to the evening’s festivities with a camel ride to a royal desert retreat as well as an oasis of tranquillity and luxury among the dunes.
  • Private Cabana Relaxation: Unwind in a private cabana, enveloped by softly lit trees and the tranquil waters of an oasis that is creating a serene escape.
  • Live Culinary Experience: Savour a 6-course feast prepared by professional chefs in an open kitchen, featuring a wide array of gourmet dishes including roast duck, salmon, prawn, and Australian Angus steak, along with vegetarian options.
  • Entertainment: Be enchanted by the performances of a skilled acrobat and a fire dancer, adding a touch of magic to the evening.

Safari Amenities

  • Luxurious Transport: Drive to the desert buggy point with SUV 6 seater car as opted shared and private ride.
  • Gourmet food: As per selected standard and premium package, a 6 course dinner featuring meat, seafood, vegetarian dishes and desserts, prepared in an open kitchen.
  • Cultural and recreational activities: Enjoy traditional falconry and camel rides. All together live performances including tanoura dance, belly dance, fire show etc. with sitting at your luxury arrangements.
  • Photographic Opportunities: Several picturesque stops, including a gaff tree forest and a remote desert lake, are perfect for capturing memories.
  • Expert Guidance: Tours led by professional conservation guides offer insightful commentary on the desert’s ecosystem and wildlife.


Capture memories with a blend of adventure, relaxation and cultural immersion with this enriching 2-day tour of Dubai. Whether viewing the architectural wonders from the yacht or exploring the natural beauty of the desert, guests are guaranteed a special and enriching experience.

So, customise your exclusive tour from sea to desert and create unforgettable memories with Travelsaga.


Q. What sizes of yachts are available for the private yacht tour?

Indeed, yacht sizes range from 33 ft to 102ft, catering to different group sizes and preferences.

Q. What types of activities are included in the desert safari?

Activities include dune bashing, quad biking Dubai, camel riding, a falconry demonstration, as well as sunset viewing, among others.

Q. Does the tour include meals?

Yes, guests will enjoy a six-course gourmet dinner during the desert safari, with a selection of meats, seafood, vegetarian dishes, and desserts.

Q. Is transportation provided?

Certainly, luxurious, air-conditioned SUV transportation is available which offers comfort and style throughout the desert safari.

Q. Is tour customisation available?

Indeed, we offer customisable options to ensure your experience meets your preferences and expectations.