Must-Visit Attraction: OliOli Children’s Museum

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Dubai is full of amusement and recreational venues for children, and OliOli is one of the most fabulous. OliOli is an experiential play museum that captivates and stimulates young minds. It is short for “The Joy of Togetherness,” but, in reality, it’s an extraordinary, hands-on place for children to explore myriad experiences from 2 to 11 years old. 

Get this guide in your hands, as Travel Saga provides you with all the details you need to visit the OlliOli Children’s Museum.

The Ideology of the OliOli Children’s Museum Community 

OliOli is created on the platform of instigating family values along with community:

Family-friendly community

This is the place where children learn to create a community, take care of others, eat healthily, and learn about the arts. Moreover, just a bit down the road from OliOli, you will find Bounce Al Quoz, where children can have fun and play—further instilling community fun into the day.

Hands-on learning

The modern approach to schooling is learning by doing, and at heart, OliOli embraces it. It also encourages children to spark their imagination and creativity in building, creating, and problem-solving. Moreover, this free play enables children to discover new ways of thinking.

True Learning

At OliOli, education fuses with fun beautifully. The museum has numerous curricula on technology, science, arts, engineering, and math that make sure learning is interestingly fun. Most exciting, another visit nearby is the Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo, which will further the educational journey regarding marine biology and its importance for conservation.

Slices at OliOli Children’s Museum

In its various zones, OliOli guarantees to offer a unique discovery of what every child will love to have. Additionally, it makes sure that all its guests, whatever the situation, will walk away from the place extremely satisfied and entertained to the maximum. Here’s what you’ll find from the inside:

Creativity Lab

In essence, the Curiosity Lab is more like a sanctuary for curious minds—a place where children can build and destroy structures over there to clear room for developing their creative faculties. Nearby, the Museum of Illusions provides another avenue through which children can test their perceptions and be amazed by the world of science.

Air Part

The Air Section is bound to be a favourite of young, imaginative kids, as it has many displays explaining in a very tactile manner the ideas of gravity, aerodynamics, and friction. 

Water Section

The Water Play area is a favourite, offering ten different activities that incorporate learning and fun with water, from washing a car to dancing in the rain. Of course, children are learning as they play. Couple this with a jaunt to the Wild Wadi Waterpark for more aquatic adventures. That places a fun spin on learning.

Cars and Ramps

The little future racers are sure to find peace in their hearts through the activities of car design in the Cars and Ram zone and then the race. Satiate your inquisitiveness about speed by visiting Dubai Autodrome, where families have the opportunity to watch professional races or even try some karting sessions.

Toshi’s Nets

It is a mammoth, woven surface full of multi-coloured forms, with other sides ideal for climbing and exploring. Now is the time to get physically active with climbing walls, trampolines, and obstacle courses.

Future Park

In Future Park, the children work together in a collective effort to design a vision of the very future that is reliant upon supportive teamwork and creativity. Similarly, in a variation of this collective piece of installation, co-creation is found in KidZania Dubai. Here, children are allowed to play together collaboratively.

Fort and Dens

Children in the forts and dens can create their personal space with artefacts and monitor it. It builds up their imagination and construction skills. Another awesome experience to have is visiting the building with interactive exhibits in combination with educational workshops. Even toddlers will also enjoy OliOli; children are emotionally, socially, physically, and intellectually involved in every exhibit.

Time and Travel

Checkout the working hours and ways to reach them:


  • Opens Saturday through Wednesday, from 9:00 AM to 7:00 p.m. 
  • Thursday to Friday, from 09:00 AM to 09:00 p.m.


OliOli is located in OliOli Building, Al Quoz 1, Dubai, therefore easily reachable from almost all parts of the city. Choose to rent a car service for a convenient journey.


OliOli Children’s Museum is not only a playing place but an educationally interactive place. Moreover, its diversification of segments caters to the wide spectrum of interests of a child. For more suggestion and ideas on kids activity in dubai , please visit our kids zone page.With Travel Saga, club your discovery with enjoyment.