Celebration of Union: Flag Island, Sharjah

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A country’s flag represents numerous elements that are central to the nation’s identity, history, and values. The Flag Island in Sharjah represents just that. The Flag Island has the United Arab Emirates Flag atop a 123-metre-tall pole called the 7th tallest in the world at its opening on December 2, 2012. With its iconic flagpole, the island serves as a celebration of the United Arab Emirates’ unification. Indeed, the island is famous for its architecture, physical, and recreational activities. Also, it is a popular destination amongst Sharjah and the UAE public.

Location: The Flag Island is one of the 3 archipelagos on Khalid Lagoon. Moreover, it is located near the government department buildings in Al Layyah, which is near Souq Al Jubail (Sharjah Fish Market). So, don’t wait any longer and visit Sharjah.

What to Do at Flag Island?

Let’s discover the gems inside the island:

Lightning of Flagpole

The lighting of the flagpole and the surroundings display a distinctive design. Lights surrounding the pole are 3 metres high, and 7 mounted lights represent the 7 emirates of the UAE. Additionally, 7 GRC stands to position the lights around the pole. All along the walkway that leads to the pole, there are lights placed at a height of 4.2 metres. The pole is proudly displaying a massive 15 by 30 metre UAE flag that reaches an incredible 123 metres in the air. The island is completely lit up at night by the lights.


In a stunning location, a huge outdoor amphitheatre serves as a highly sought-after venue for a variety of live events, concerts, and educational programmes. People commonly know that this 1,000-seat venue hosts festivities for both Flag Day and National Day.

Jones The Grocer: Restaurant

Upscale market with gourmet groceries and a cafe serving global food with an Australian twist. It has a stroll-in cheese section, deli and charcuterie are just a few of the speciality items offered at the 1971. Also, the stylish café setting, with outside seating, makes for perfect family brunches or informal dinners with a wonderful and varied menu.

1971 – Creative centre 

1971 is a versatile creative centre designed to host talks and exhibitions, including various branches of contemporary art. Presenting and debating contemporary design, encompassing furniture, interior design, graphic design, interactive design, and emerging technologies, is the focus of this lively space. 1971 presents a range of well-selected exhibitions and community initiatives from time to time in partnership with local colleges, schools, designers, and architects.

Play Area for Kids

There is something for everyone at Flag Island. So, to keep your little ones occupied if you’re travelling with them, be sure to check out the kids’ play area at Flag Island. There are other attractions, as well as exhilarating but secure slides, at this location for your children.

The Stunning Views

The serene greenery surrounding the lovely island will be an ideal view for you, regardless of how you choose to spend your time. Either by yourself in a calm, welcoming setting or want to spend time with your friends and family. You can read, take in the sun, do yoga, and meditate.

Things to Remember

  • You cannot smoke in the Flag Island
  • Do not pick up flowers 
  • You can not take your pets along with you
  • You can not bike or skate at the Flag Island

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Anyone wishing to enjoy the UAE’s rich cultural legacy, breathtaking scenery, and energetic arts sector must visit Flag Island, Sharjah. Furthermore, Flag Island offers something for everyone. Whether it’s going to a cultural event, looking around at art exhibits, playing games, or just lounging by the water. 

It is a distinctive location that captures the essence of Sharjah and the UAE thanks to its fusion of traditional and modern elements. Also, just like Flag Island, you can also check out Al Montazah Parks, which is quite near to it. Thus, be sure to schedule some time to discover Flag Island’s treasures when you visit Sharjah.

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