A Miniature World In Dubai: The World Islands

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Want to see all the 7 continents of the world in a day? How is that even possible? Well, a trip to Dubai’s iconic world island is all you need to travel the world. When you are visiting Dubai, make sure to choose a window seat and enjoy an aerial view of these iconic islands. It is a world map replica created in water just a few kilometres from Dubai. These human made islands have commercial and tourist value to them. So, on your trip to Dubai, don’t forget to travel the World!

About World Island

As mentioned before, the World Islands are human made islands in the Arabian Gulf. This project was started in 2003 by the Nakheel group as a real estate project but soon became a top Dubai tourist attraction. The World Islands project is still under development and thus, not all the islands are open for tourists. Moreover, the one and only group of islands open for tourists are the Lebanon islands. You can not only visit these islands but also stay there and enjoy a wide range of activities. So, get in touch with Travel Saga and plan your visit to Dubai. 

Things To Do At The World Islands Dubai

There are several activities you can do at the Lebanon Islands in World Islands Dubai. It is just like another tourist city where you can stay at the resorts, eat at fancy restaurants and cafes, relax by the pool, enjoy snacks from food stalls or indulge in water sports at the beach. So, rest assured that this place will leave no stone unturned to make your visit a memorable one. 

Relax at the Beach

If you wish to visit a great beach other than Jumeirah Beach Residence, welcome to the Lebanon island’s beaches. There are many beaches but only 2 of them are open to the public. You can sunbathe, swim or stroll around at the beach. For family friendly fun, divide into groups of 2 and go to either side of the net to play Volleyball. There are food shacks nearby from where you can get finger licking delicacies and calm your cravings. 

Boating To The Other Islands

Even if the islands aren’t functional yet, you can at least see them up close while boating far in the Arabian Gulf. Take a boat ride and see other islands in the world islands from Lebanon island. You can also try speed boating and other rides at the beaches on the Lebanese islands. 

Stay at Anantara Hotels in South America

The South American island of course. The popular hotel chain Anantara has a luxurious 70 room hotel on the South American island of the World Islands. So, you can stay on a peaceful island in the Anantara and have a great time. This will help you experience an island other than the Lebanon islands.

Dine at The Islands

The Island is a restaurant worth trying on Lebanon Island. You can get a variety of dishes and meals at this restaurant. So, treat yourself to some authentic Lebanese food or try other options and savour the ultimate taste. The Islands is sure to satisfy both your hunger and cravings alike. 


Where else in the world can you travel the whole world on a single trip? It happens, happens only in Dubai. So Habibi, come to Dubai. Only in Dubai, you can experience everything you’ll experience on a world trip. Talking about tourism, Dubai is indeed a miniature of the whole world. For all your Dubai travel queries and bookings, connect with Travel Saga Tourism.