Arabian Firdaus: From Desert to Desserts

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Firdaus, which literally means paradise, is a perfect adjective for Dubai. This magnificent city boasts so many beautiful attractions, landmarks and adventure activities for you to try. Let’s try some different activities for a memorable visit to Dubai. Firstly, have an all Arabic experience with Desert Safari. Secondly, chill and have opulent brunches in Dubai. This combination is best for all visitors as you get your dream Emirati experience. So, let’s put on our sunglasses and dive into the dunes!

Evening Dеsеrt Safari

Get ready to feel the adrenaline and peace simultaneously in Dubai’s deserts, with Evening Desert Safari underneath the Arabian night sky. Firstly, get fired up for an adventurous dune bashing experience in a 4X4 vehicle. Soar through the desert and feel like you’re in a movie chase. 

If the thrilling dunes were too much for you, follow it up with a royal ride on a friendly camel soaking in the scenic sites of the desert. Moreover, get photographed in Emirati attire & Emirati Cuisine to Try, to remember your iconic trip to the dunes. Also, decorate your hands with beautiful henna designs. Finally, experience the Bedouin way of life, at the desert camp. Take a puff of shisha and gaze into the setting sun.  

Moreover, your appetite is well taken care of at the camp. BBQ dinner is presented with salads, starters, and desserts. Also, you’ll be entertained by belly dancers, and a fire show. 

Brunch in Dubai

Now that we’re done with the desert, let’s move on to something which is very Dubai core: Brunches. It’s not just a meal but a tradition in Dubai, one that we are undoubtedly drawn to. Every day, the city hosts hundreds of amazing feasts, ranging from lavish brunch buffets at 5 star hotels to bar brunches, poolside brunches, and elegant multi course breakfasts served at your table. Celebration needed? You brunch. Guests in town? You brunch. Can’t figure out what to do in Dubai? You brunch!

Some recommended places for you to have your extravagant brunch:

  • Benjarong, Downtown Dubai
  • Punjab Grill, Business Bay
  • Reform Social & Grill, The Lakes
  • The Grazer, Downtown Dubai
  • The Scene, Dubai Marina
  • UBK, JLT
  • Address Sky View, Downtown Dubai
  • Koyo, Dubai Marina

Beyond Deserts and Desserts

Last, but not least, let’s talk about after deserts and desserts (brunch). So, you’ve explored the dunes and had a good time experiencing Dubai brunch, but the city has a lot more to offer. Additionally, takе a walk around thе Dubai Marina to admirе thе yachts and skyscrapers. Also, go on a shopping spree at Dubai Mall and explore marine life at Dubai Mall Aquarium. Moreover, consider visiting Burj Khalifa and watching the beautiful sunset from the observation decks. 

If you want another traditional Arabic experience like a desert safari, consider visiting the 19th century preserved Al Fahidi Neighbourhood also known as Al Bastakiya. Also, you can check out the lovely man made Palm Islands. 

Still can’t figure out where to book your Evening desert safari? Travel Saga is the best option. 


The Arabian Firdaus unquestionably offers adventurous Evening desert safari to the costly pleasure of a luxurious brunch. Additionally, the city cеlеbratеs thе thrills and luxury, in equal mеasurе. By еxpеriеncing both, thе dеsеrt’s timeless beauty and thе metropolis’s modеrn opulеncе, visitors can indeed appreciate thе uniquе blеnd of advеnturе and comfort that Dubai offers. Certainly, Dubai is great at everything: from Deserts to Desserts.  


Q. Do we need to carry warm clothing on the Evening Desert Safari in Dubai?

Yes, you would do wise to carry a jacket or a shawl since it may get pretty chilly after sunset.

Q. What are the fun activities that one gets to participate in the Desert?

There’s never a dull moment during the Evening Desert Safari. Thus, there are a variety of activities to keep you hooked all along. From dune bashing to quad biking, sand boarding, a camel safari and more!

Q. Do we get vegetarian food at the Evening desert safari and brunches in Dubai?

Yes, indeed. BBQ dinner in the desert definitely offers vegetarian food. Also, the same for Dubai’s famous brunches. As the city that has always welcomed visitors, it accommodates people with different eating habits without hesitation.

Q. Why are Dubai’s brunches famous?

Dubai’s brunches have risen in popularity for several compelling reasons. Thus, its timing, culinary creativity, leisurely atmosphere, and ability to foster connections make it a beloved mealtime choice for everyone.

Q. Where can I book an Evening desert safari?

You can easily book the best Evening desert safari on Travel Saga. 

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