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Dubai Visit Visa For Indians

To visit Dubai, UAE, all Indians must have a valid visa. Whether you are going for a short tour or a business trip to UAE, you must have a Dubai visit visa for Indians. All Indians and those who hold Indian passports shall need a visa to visit Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. So, Travel Saga is here to help you with your visa process.

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  Visa Type

  Pre -Arrival Visa Required

  Visa Processing Duration

  24 Hours


  425 AED




  30 Days


  • Copy of Passport ( front and back page)
  • Confirmed return air tickets
  • Passport-size photographs with white background
  • Copy of ID proof

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About Dubai Visa for Indians

Boasting world-class infrastructure that all admire, a plethora of mesmerizing attractions, fabulous shopping destinations, and a rich cultural legacy, Dubai is an absolute dreamland for a vacation. No wonder Dubai finds pride of place among Forbes 10 most visited cities in the world. With myriad activities and attractions lined up for you, Dubai has something in store for everyone. From tall skyscrapers that draw gasps of admiration from those who love vibrant cities to breathtaking scenery straight out of a painting, Dubai has it all. You are sure to love every moment in the city.

Types of Dubai Tourist Visas for Indians

  • 48 Hours Transit Visa: Valid for 48 hours only
  • 96 Hours Transit Visa: Perfect for those who want to come to UAE for a short tour or business trip.
  • 30-Day Dubai Tourist Visa: This visa lets you stay in Dubai for a longer period of 30 days. If you acquire this sort of visa, you’ll need to make your trip to Dubai within a period of 30 days from the date of issue after which the visa shall expire. You can have this visa extended for a maximum of 10 days only after you meet certain terms and conditions.
  • 60-Day Dubai Visa: This visa lets you stay in Dubai for a longer period of 60 days.
  • Dubai Visa Urgent Application: If you have to travel to Dubai urgently, then you must opt for this visa.

What Are the Documents Needed for the Visa?

    • A passport that’s valid for at least 6 months from the date of submission of application
    • Passport-sized photographs with a white background taken within the last 6 months

Before you file the application for a visa to Dubai, make sure that you meet all the requirements and provide us with all the necessary details as asked by our team. You should attach all the supporting documents as requested and make all the necessary payments.


Indians are eligible for visa-on-arrival at Dubai provided they hold a UK, EU, or US visa or green card.

The Steps for Acquiring a Dubai Tourist Visa

  • First decide which visa is required, whether 48 hours visa, 96 hours visa, 30 days, or 60 days, and accordingly proceed.
  • Then you will have to provide the details of your passport, contact details, email address, and all supporting documents.
  • Pay the visa fees and wait for intimation with the unique confirmation number which is provided only after your payment is processed
  • Once the visa is approved then our team will inform you of the same.

Dubai Visa Extension Options

There may arise a situation when you need to stay back in Dubai longer than you had initially planned. In such instances, you may face a situation when your visa has almost expired. Overstaying invites hefty fines. Therefore, you’ll need to have your visa extended before it has expired.

The Airport to Airport Method requires you to board a flight to any country close to the UAE from Dubai or Sharjah. You’ll have to share the exit stamp with the immigration authorities at the Dubai or Sharjah airport before you take a flight out of the UAE. Your UAE visa gets processed while you wait in the airport of the neighbouring country you have flown to. This is a very quick way to have your visa extended. However, it’s slightly expensive.

We at Travel Saga provide you with much-needed assistance that helps in the smooth acceptance of your visa application. Our executives shall guide you through the entire process, right from filling out the application form to submitting the documents.


Q. Who can be my sponsor in Dubai?

You may have either of the following sponsoring you in Dubai-

  1. Any hotel or tourism agency
  2. An airline company or airline handlers
  3. Relatives and friends with resident status in the UAE
  4. Any other organisation based in the UAE
Q. How long does it take for a visa to the UAE to get processed?

Depending on the type of visa you applied for, it can take anything from 24 hours to a few working days unless there are any shortcomings in your application.

Q. For how long should my passport be valid when I apply for the UAE visa?

Your passport must be valid for at least 6 months from the date of filing the application.

Q. What are the chances of rejection?

There’s virtually no chance of rejection provided you furnish all necessary documents and filled inaccurate information.

Q. Which airports have direct flights to Dubai from India?

There are many airports in different cities in India that operate direct flights to Dubai and Abu Dhabi, Such as Mumbai, Dehli, Jaipur, Ahmedabad, Kochi, Chennai & Bengaluru.

Q. Do Indian kids need to apply for a Dubai visa?

Indian kids holding separate passports must apply for a Dubai visa. A visa is a necessary document required to get permission to travel to any country.

Q. Can I work in Dubai with a tourist visa?

No, citizens from other countries cannot work in Dubai with a tourist visa. One must apply for a work visa to work in Dubai.

Q. Should Indian citizens carry their original passports when traveling to Dubai?

Yes, Indian citizens must carry their original passport when traveling to Dubai since it is an essential identification document, which one will need everywhere in Dubai.

Q. Do you charge anything extra apart from the visa processing fee?

No, we only ask for the visa processing fee from the applicants as per our company policy. Apart from that, we don’t ask for anything else. Visa extension is only possible in case of tourism extension, strengthening personal connections.

Q. Can I ask for a visa extension in case of emergencies?

ons in Dubai with friends or family, etc. One can visit us to apply for visa extension services.


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